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Episode 3: Part 2

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We're back! And that took a little longer than expected, lol.
Trenton's hit 7 weeks old last week, and he's finally giving me more time to do some computer work. (Kinda consistently.) We're trying to get a buffer up to prevent schedule issues, but will keep you all apprised.

Anyway, welcome back for Episode 3! I keep messing with the episode titles in the Archives, but I think they're probably going to stay unchanged now. I wonder if anyone has noticed...

Panel 1
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister (comms): Andre, what's going on down there?
Chief Engineer Andre Peters: Sir, those last hits ignited a plasma conduit!
    The chain reaction hit our our warp core!
    Antimatter containment is failing!
Andre (aside): Chief, did you vent the secondary exhaust?
Tech Chief Hawkins: Aye, sir... it's not good! She's going critical!

Panel 2:
Andre (comms): Commodore, it's too late! We hae to eject the core!
Jeff: Andre, we can't go to warp without that core!

Panel 3:
Andre: Better than losing the entire ship, sir!
    Arbol! Disengage t he locks!
Crewman Arbol: Aye!
Andre: Chief! Open the ejection port!
Hawkins: Yessir!

Panel 4:
No dialog.

Panel 5
No dialog.

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