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Episode 3: Part 5

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Sorry for the delay! We need to do some catching up on the buffer. We may take a break in order to do so. Will keep you apprised!

Panel 1
No dialog.

Panel 2:
Doctor Murphy: Wounded from the Shadowburn! Clear a path!
Doctor T'Zel: I need to speak to your captain!
Murphy: The Commander is on his way.

Panel 3:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Andre! Glad I ran into you. I see you got the lights back on!
Andre Peters: Yes, we've switched main power to the fusion reactors.
    May be able to hit warp 1 or 2, but it'll be borderline.
Dale: That's good. Walk with me to the shuttlebay.

Panel 4:
Dale: I take it we don't have a spare warp core.
Andre: Are you kidding? Starfleet won't even equip the Enterprise with a spare warp core.
    You wouldn't believe the favors I had to call in to get the one we had...
    Ten years I spend building this thing. Ten years...

Panel 5
Dale: I need you to focus, Andre.
    Do we have any weapons?
Andre: We can fire the railguns. And we still have antimatter for the torpedoes.
    Maybe low power phaser shots. They won't do much damage with the core.
Dale: What about the shuttles? Can we cannibalize their cores?
Andre: Maybe... but they're not meant to handle a ship this size.

Panel 6
Dale: No, but we did just pick up two more!
    And you're a smart guy, Andre... I'm sure sure you can figure it out. No pressure!
Andre: Ha ha.

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