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Episode 2: Part 19

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So... we have elected to end Episode 2 here. It's a natural breaking point and I kind of need one. Have some projects to catch up on (*cough* Planescape *cough), not to mention that the special effects have been brutal in the comic for multiple installments. Oh yeah, and my son is due at the beginning of May :)

Anyway... we should be back in May as well. We will aim for Sunday the 16th, I think. If anything changes, (I will be extra busy with a newborn, of course, but I think we can keep a schedule going) we will let you all know!

And thanks for reading! As far as the site counters seem to be able to tell, viewership is on the rise, and that's awesome! We're very glad you're enjoying our comic. It's been a blast to make, even if our CGI budget needs to be increased a little ;)

Panel 1
No dialog.

Panel 2:
Science Officer Crabjug: But... that shouldn't be...
Tactical Officer Glugtor: They are hailing us, My Lord.
Admiral Bokchow: On screen.
Panel 3:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Like I said: Surrender. Or be destroyed.

Panel 4:
Jeffrey: That sounded cool, right?
    Wait, do we still have active comms?
Ensign Yestelia Hylia: You never said to disconnect!
Jeffrey: Well, kill the signal!

Panel 5
Glugtor: My Lord, they are bluffing!
    It was luck.
Crabjug: It may be immaterial. Our fuel levels are critical.
    If we are to conquer Wogglenather, we must disengage now.
Bokchow: *snarl*

Panel 6:
Bokchow: I will not play the fool to these Earthlings! They have slaughtered our men! Humiliated me!

Panel 7
Crabjug: You will doom our mission! For greater Tajara... we MUST secure the Dilithium reserves of the Wogglenathers!
    This journey would have taken 20 years of real-time, Admiral, even if only two passed for us.
    Two warp nacelles were gifted to us! We can return home before we are forgotten to time!
    This Earth ship is nothing.
    There is a far greater prize once the Slowing Field is fully fueled.

Panel 8
Bokchow: You will not fail me again, Crabjug.
    Glugtor... regather the fleet.
    We retrea-- *ahem* I mean to say, we... regroup.
Narrative Text: To be Continued... (end of Epsidoe 2)

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