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Episode 1: Part 31

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The Lego Gorn (ok, TECHNICALLY, they're raptors) are pretty cool figures, with almost the same articulation as a mini-figure. They can't rotate their wrists, but they CAN open and close their mouths. Some of the expressions are little more tricky to Photoshop, but I'm pretty pleased with the results thus far.

Panel 1:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Ungh!

Panel 2:
Brown-haired Marine: Colonel! You're hit!
Hank: It ain't bad... just the shoulder. Besides... you're already up.R Brown-haired Marine: I'm wearing body armor, sir... you're not!

Panel 3:
Major Ulbek: Their shield... it allowed the grenades through.
Captain Korzon: So it did.
    Ezzok... I assign your new duty: avenge the Grzonder.
Commander Ezzok: But that falls to us both, sir.
Korzon: No. My obligation ends now.
    Should you see the jungles of Gornar again, tell my mate what transpired here.

Panel 4
Korzon: Colonel! May your teeth never dull.
Hank: Captain, what are you--
Korzon: What must be done.

Panel 5
Korzon: GROAAAAR!!!!!!
Tajarans: The beast attacks!
    Shoot it!! Shoot it!!

Panel 6
Hank: We have a chance!
    Go! Go!!
Ezzok: Captain...
    I have to help the captain!
Hank: Get to the shuttle!

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