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Episode 3: Part 35

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The Gorn resistance to energy weapons was established in Part 32!

Panel 1
Ezzok: Blast it! My gun's out of juice.
Marine Commander: I'd give you a power pack, but this is my last one, too.
    And I don't think they're compatible anyway.
    But look around... myabe we can construct a rudimentary charging station.
Ezzok: Ha.
Major Taylor (aside): Dang! All that cutting for a 6 inch thick panel.
Major Ulbek (aside): Yes. But perhaps we can access something more useful?

Panel 2:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: I don't mean to badger, but we're on a time crunch here.
    All we need is to get this transmitter within a few feet of their Slow Dimension's engine.
    And it's what... 100 yards from here?
    I mean... can't we just beam it in there?
Taylor: Not a bad idea, but our only transporter is on the shuttle.
Ulbek: And the Tajarans lack any beaming technology we could commandeer.

Panel 3:
Taylor: Here's another idea...
    If we can cut 12 more inches, we can access the main relay.
    Then tie the transmitter into the system. That way, we can pulse the transmitter signal to the engine room and the fighters can target it.
Hank: And how long to do all that?
Taylor: 10 to 15 minutes.
Hank: I can give you one.
Ulbek: Impossible.
Hank: Then there's only one option left. Everyone cover me for as long as possible. Hopefully I can reach the engine room before they kill me.

Panel 4:
Ezzok: I agree. But with one change.
Hank: Ezzok? What are you doing?
Ezzok: What I should have done in Captain Korzon's place.
Hank: Give that transmitter back. That's an order.
Ezzok: I'm not in Starfleet, Colonel.
    Besides... this panel is plasma resistant. And so are my scales. And I am the only one fast enough to reach their engine room alive. I think.
    Good luck, Colonel. You humans are brave and savage. Like the Gorn.

Panel 5:
Ezzok: GROAAARRR!!!!!

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