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Episode 1: Part 10

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I had to actually make a real PowerPoint presentation for Jeffrey first so that I could authentically show that moment in every meeting where the presenter has the presentation up on the screen, but it's still in the editor mode.
I also maintain that SOMEONE will still be using Office 2003 in 2365. Because I still do!
(Making an actual presentation also made it slightly easier to transpose the images to the wall behind him.)

Comments from the tagboard:
04/23/20 04:36 PM
Swiftbow: Yes, I did! Thanks for catching that.

04/22/20 10:54 PM
BrickVoid: There is no "next" button for Episode 9! Forget something? :D

Panel 1:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Ok, there we go!
   As I was saying... this has been on my mind a long time, but Captain Picard's Delta Quadrant intel really catalyzed it!
Presentation: Federation Star Defense!
   By Commodore Jeffrey Bannister
   & Lieutenant Bridget Janson

Panel 2:
Admiral Benson: Ah, yes. The "Borg Threat." An incidental encounter brought on by a possibly malevolent energy being.
Jeffrey: Exactly, sir. What that told us, unequivocally, is that we're not ready for a military threat of that magnitude. Not by a long shot.
Benson: Nonsense. We're researching new weapon systems. Besides, these "Borg" are 7,000 light years away.
Jeffrey: True, Admiral Benson, but... bear with me.

Panel 3:
Jeffrey: A hundred years ago, Starfleet was well armed. We had to be. Threats were everywhere! Our ships were built for war, but we practiced peace.
Presentation: Slide of ToS era ships.

Panel 4:
Jeffrey: But we've become complacent. Our new ships, the Galaxy class, are like flying malls. Big, heavy, and weak.
   Enterprise, our flagship, actually carries fewer photon torpedoes than the old Constitution class ships did!
   And the backbone of our fleet, the Excelsior class, is over 75 years old!
Presentation: TNG era ships.

Panel 5:
Benson: Bannister, why do you think we need to expand our military focus? Our modern mission is to promote science, peace, and non-interference.

Panel 6:
Jeffrey: That's the problem, sir. There is no military BUT us.
   And there ARE threats. The Borg. The Romulans. The Cardassians. Heck, the Tajarans dealt us some real damage 10 years ago, and they don't even have warp drives.
   Most of our battle strength depends on our alliance with a Klingon government on the brink of civil war. How is that tenable?
Presentation: Pictures of a Borg drone, Q, and a Borg cube.

Panel 7:
Benson: Two minutes, Bannister. We have a schedule to keep.

Panel 8:
Jeffrey: Oh, here we go. Yes.
   But we don't need to give up Starfleet's exploration and scientific divisions!
Presentation: Clipart of someone doing science.

Panel 9:
Jeffrey: No, we can have both. With a new wing of Starfleet... FEDERATION STAR DEFENSE!
   A fleet built for the war we hope never comes.
   A fleet that makes enemies fear to even start anything.
   A fleet--
Presentation: Stalwart looking men and women with the Federation Star Defense logo behind them.

Panel 10:
Jeffrey: Hang on, a video was supposed to play here.
   Plus background music...

Panel 11:
Benson: I think we get the idea.
   Thank you for your time, Commodore.
Jeffrey: So, you'll approve the resources?
Benson: We'll let you know. Dismissed, Bannister.
Jeffrey: Thank you, sir.

Panel 12:
Benson: Good God... HOW many more of these today?
Jeffrey: *Happy Whistling!"

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