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Episode 1: Part 13

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Our turbolift actually does go through the ship's decks! It's one of the trickier parts of the ship to keep together, actually, because it has to partially connect to the decks while also being independent of them.

Comments from the tagboard:
05/17/20 10:34 AM
Oldarmourer: This guy has itright, backing up your backups is never a bad idea and sometimes you just need to say "gun ports open, give 'em hell!!" :)

05/11/20 06:49 AM
Bird of Prey: The last panel: Cue the Star Trek fanfare in the soundtrack! "Daaa ta-daa..."

05/10/20 05:06 PM
ReleaseTheKracken52: I was a fan of Harry Potter Comics, and I'm really enjoying how this new effort by the same writers is developing.

05/10/20 02:59 PM
Swiftbow: Hey, just to follow up on Brogen's comment about Colonel Reynolds... the reason the Shadowburn has a different rank structure will be revealed in the future. (It is something of a spoiler)

Panel 1:
Lieutenant Bridget Janson: You've seriously been building this ship in an empty field all by yourself?
   Starships are usually built in orbit... by hundreds of people!
Andre Peters: Well, ALL by myself. A few buds help me on weekends. My dad sometimes. And my brother.
   Anyway, Intrepid is built for self-launch and re-entry! Field repairs are much more viable if you can dry-dock planet-side.
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: I guess we're not beaming on board.
Andre: No, I'm taking you through the secondary hull. We can walk in through the shuttle bay.

Panel 2:
Jeffrey: These gun ports... they don't look like phaser cannons.
Andre: They're not. Secondary hull is all point-defense railguns.
   We do have phaser cannons and regular arrays on the primary hull, though.

Panel 3:
Jeffrey: Railguns?
Bridget: Your ship specifications don't mention railguns.
Andre: No, well... Starfleet didn't technically authorize me to mount them.
   Just because some tech somewhere decided energy weapons were "the future"... pfeh.
   You should see what she can do with a full broadside of those babies!
   Not as effective against shields, maybe... but against a softened target?
   BAM! You can shred neutronium like butter. And no wasted antimatter on torpedoes.

Panel 4:
Jeffrey: Is that what all these stations are for?
Andre: Yeah... temperature monitoring, ammunition...
   They can be automated, but... whoof. I don't recommend it.
   I blew out six couplings the last time I tried it.
   This way to the turbolift.

Panel 5:
Andre: It's the armor I'm really happy with, though.
Jeffrey: I was surprised to see it. Starfleet hasn't used polarized hull plating since the 22nd century.
Andre: I know! They've put everything into shields. But I say... why not layer your defenses?
   I mean... you ever watch Battlestar Galactica?
Jeffrey: Battle-what?
Andre: Old TV show. Never mind. But their ship, see... it could take a fusion bomb right on the hull. No shields at all.
Jeffrey: Okay, but... this was a holo-show or something? Not real, right?
Andre: TV show. But my ship can do it for real.
Jeffrey: A fusion bomb.

Panel 6:
Andre: Uh, I haven't technically tested it on THIS ship, but...
   Oh! We walked fast. Welcome to the bridge!

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