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Episode 4: Part 35

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Episode 4: Queen Natashia
Original Characters and Concept: Travers, Kenyon, & Rioux Jordan; Alex & Natasha Gorely; Sam Barnett
Original Story (Queen Natashia): Alex Gorely, Kenyon & Travers Jordan
Adapted to Comic Form by: Travers, Rioux, & Kenyon Jordan
Photos: Travers & Rioux Jordan
Background Photos: Search Engine Image Sources & personal photos
Art/SFX/Photo Editing: Travers Jordan
Editing: Kenyon Jordan, Therese Jordan
Social Media Coordinator: Danielle Jordan

I liked setting up their bro shake in the last panel... I don't we've actually depicted anything but a regular handshake in either this or Harry Potter Comics!

Comments from the Tagboard:

07/23/23 11:59 AM
BrickVoid: I just had a thoiught, what if they're holding her in a secure undisclosed location in space, and she's actually on a holodeck or reproduction of the area they originally teleported down to? It would be too easy to think she'd be held anywhere near where she was before getting kidnapped. :D
07/21/23 01:54 AM
Swiftbow: No, because they're talking about making a decision based on what they've seen, not a judgment about the broadcast itself.
07/18/23 10:18 AM
BrickVoid: In panel 3, wouldn't it be better for Stickleback to say "conclusions", instead of "decisions"?

Panel 1:
The queen's line, as you can see, is traced back four generations.
    With direct linage to King Bouchak, first sovereign.
Mandeltot: It astounds... the queen has returned!
Rogglefonk: Or someone they say is the queen.

Panel 2:
Rogglefonk: And look! It is the same one who saved the Supreme Advisor from your bullet.
Mandeltot: Perhaps she knows better than I how to save Spoogie.
Rogglefonk: You trust too easily! Even if she is queen, does that justify the point'ear's tyranny.
Mandeltot: No! But... if she is the true queen...

Panel 3:
Stickleback: We must not jump to decisions. We have fought too long and hard to give up.
    Not after one broadcast!

Panel 4:
Commander Dale Zurkett: I agree with Stickleback. Something really weird is going on here.
    Natashia is a queen? First I've heard of it.
    Seems way more likely she's been kidnapped somehow. I aim to find out.
Mandeltot: You could be right. I am just eager to return to my family.

Panel 5:
Mandeltot: But many who support our cause have longed for this.
    They may believe this is true without question.
Stickleback: Then we must pass the word quickly. Do not blindly trust. We shall see if this queen is true.
    In the meantime, I will go with the human. And we shall see what they can do to help.

Panel 6:
Mandeltot: I lack your wisdom, Stickleback. But I will lead as best I can in your stead!
    May Sping and Spang protect you.
Stickleback: And you, brother!

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