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Episode 1: Part 14

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Our turbolift actually does go through the ship's decks! It's one of the trickier parts of the ship to keep together, actually, because it has to partially connect to the decks while also being independent of them.

Panel 1:
Lieutenant Bridget Janson: It's all rather a bit... dusty, isn't it?
Andre Peters: Well, I built the bridge first. And that was years ago.
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Oh... it's the captain's chair!

Panel 2:
Jeffrey: So, Mr. Peters... Let's say that we do want this ship.
Andre: Like I said... I'm not letting Starfleet just take my ship, Commodore.
   And I do know good lawyers.
Bridget: We know... they got you a very good deal in your court martial.
Andre: Oh, that.

Panel 3:
Bridget: "Other-than-honorable" discharge.... Unauthorized use of high explosives...
   Destruction of Starfleet property... Violation of Starfleet safety protocols...
Andre: Remember what I said about the armor plating and the fusion bomb?
   The thing is... the test DID go perfectly.
   The target survived impact with minimal damage.

Panel 4:
Bridget You blew up three class V runabouts.
Andre: I was running an authorized program!
Bridget: So why were you charged?
Andre: I guess they needed somebody to take the fall when the press made it look like we were building WMDs.
Jeffrey: So that was you doing that illegal weapons research!
Andre: It wasn't illegal when we started.
   We were trying to build defense technology that actually works!

Panel 5:
Bridget: But what abou the safety protocols?
Jeffrey: Look, I don't actually care about any of that.
Bridget: Sir, you don't?
Jeffrey: Peters... I can guess that there's just one thing you really want.
   To get this hsip in the air and see what she can do.
Andre: And I will!
Jeffrey: Yeah, but how long will that take you?
   Not just to finish, but to get the anti-matter and dilithium?

Panel 6:
Jeffrey: You can't buy them... we don't have money anymore.
   You have to convince the Federation that you have a need.
Bridget: And with your record...
Andre: So that's how it's going to be. Commandeer my ship and leave? Am I supposed to say thank you?
Jeffrey: Actually, no. I need a chief engineer.
Andre: You're not joking?
Jeffrey: Nothing says he can't be a civilian!

Panel 7:
Andre: All right, Commodore.... you have a deal.

Panel 8:
Jeffrey: So... how soon can we launch?
Andre: Uh, well... I mean there are a FEW things left to do before she's space-worthy.
   Just think how fast we can get through this list with a full crew!
Jeffrey: Right.. full crew.
   Bridget, we have a short list, right?

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