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Episode 4: Part 39

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Episode 4: Queen Natashia
Original Characters and Concept: Travers, Kenyon, & Rioux Jordan; Alex & Natasha Gorely; Sam Barnett
Original Story (Queen Natashia): Alex Gorely, Kenyon & Travers Jordan
Adapted to Comic Form by: Travers, Rioux, & Kenyon Jordan
Photos: Travers & Rioux Jordan
Background Photos: Search Engine Image Sources & personal photos
Art/SFX/Photo Editing: Travers Jordan
Editing: Kenyon Jordan, Therese Jordan
Social Media Coordinator: Danielle Jordan

The Ferengi also have a cola brand (Slug-O-Cola). I feel like that name needs rebranding, though.

Comments from the Tagboard:

08/15/23 10:45 PM
BrickVoid: Okay but if anything serious ops up let everyone know. Sometimes life gives people serious circumstances to deal with. :)
08/15/23 06:41 PM
Swiftbow: Well, I can perhaps get ahead of things this week!
08/15/23 10:58 AM
BrickVoid: Dangit! I was hoping you had this entire story arc a week ahead of itself. *Le Sigh*
08/13/23 06:29 PM
Swiftbow: Hey, sorry... busy week and a little worn out. Will resume next weekend!
08/12/23 06:28 PM
Oldarmourer: And the first time they run out and bring her a store brand instead, she looks at the Romulan and says "off with his head" ;)
08/12/23 01:33 AM
BrickVoid: They're basially a plot device to give one ship an excuse to fire on anothe ship or even on a planet. Every single space sci-fi movie ever made has done this, without fail. :)
08/11/23 07:08 PM
Lans: Personally I think the Federation Diplomatic corps was supposed to be a dumping ground for pompus idiots, but then someone not in on the joke decided to actually give them authority to finalize treaties. Would explain so much about stuff like the Treaty of Algeron or the Cardassian treaty.

Panel 1:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Okay... get him onscreen.
Ensign Hylia: Yessir.

Panel 2:
Supreme Advisor: Ah, there you are. By now you have seen the announcements and have spoken with Mr. Talbot.
    Need I explain how the situation has changed?

Panel 3:
Jeff: All I know is that my officer was taken captive by you.
    Until I can speak to her, face-to-face, negotiations are done.
Grayson Talbot: Now Commodore... let's not be hasty...

Panel 4:
Supreme Advisor: Face-to-face? That is not currently possible.
    However, since you require further proof of her allegiance, I have video documentation.

Panel 5:
Supreme Advisor (offscreen): I present our queen.

Panel 6:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Hylia, can you analyze this feed? We can only assume it's al faked.
Hylia: I don't think it is, sir... scanners indicate the video is live.
    I'm not detecting any anomalies inthe footage, either.

Panel 7:
Pavembril: The prince has provided you this Black Cherry soda, my queen. A perfect replica of the Galactic™ brand.
    And we will bring you a new one every hour!
Natashia Starrat: Oh, that's my favorit!
    Thank you, Pavembril. But could I maybe... have one every half hour?
    Oh! And sauteed Kelpian shrimp? I have a craving.

Panel 8:
Pavembril: As you wish, my queen.
SFX: *pssh*
Natashia: "My queen." It doesn't sound SO bad... I could learn to like it.

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