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Episode 4: Part 44

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Episode 4: Queen Natashia
Original Characters and Concept: Travers, Kenyon, & Rioux Jordan; Alex & Natasha Gorely; Sam Barnett
Original Story (Queen Natashia): Alex Gorely, Kenyon & Travers Jordan
Adapted to Comic Form by: Travers, Rioux, & Kenyon Jordan
Photos: Travers & Rioux Jordan
Background Photos: Search Engine Image Sources & personal photos
Art/SFX/Photo Editing: Travers Jordan
Editing: Kenyon Jordan, Therese Jordan
Social Media Coordinator: Danielle Jordan

I have jury duty in the morning :-P

Anyway... that super fun activity aside, we're on a brief hiatus here! The comic will resume on October 8th/9th (depending what time I'm able to post it)
(EDIT: I put up the wrong date on the original post... we'll be back on the night of October 8th)

Comments from the Tagboard:

10/05/23 12:43 PM
BrickVoid: I'm holding off on an apology until after the 8th. I just want to see if this ending for this chapter was worth it. This site having a connectivity issue for mke for the past 2 days was not helping my thoughts on this site. But it eventually cleared up. :)
10/03/23 09:19 PM
DaniGeek: @Yuppie Dragon awesome! I'll message you on fanfiction then.
10/03/23 09:17 AM
Yuppie Dragon: @DaniGeek: yup! I casually stop by and read, it's been entertaining thus far so thanks for sharing. I do kind of miss that Simpsons forum, but I found a new fandom with Castlevania. I might do a fanfiction.
10/02/23 02:06 PM
Swiftbow: Well, can you resend it without the image? Because I'm with YuppieDragon... I'm expecting some sort of apology.
10/02/23 01:19 PM
BrickVoid: Anyway, still just going to patiently wait until the 8th! I hope it lives up to expectations.
10/02/23 01:18 PM
BrickVoid: It might have had something to do with that inlned image I sent with it. Mail clients are funny about images sometimes.
10/02/23 01:18 PM
BrickVoid: Well, then I don't know what happened to it, either. I didn't get a bounce message, maybe that happens after a certain number of days go past. I'm pretty sure I replied to it though.
10/02/23 12:09 PM
Swiftbow: @BrickVoid: No, I didn't get your reply. Not in my spam, either, so I don't know what happened. @Yuppie Dragon: Thank you :)
10/01/23 09:29 PM
DaniGeek: Hey @Yuppie Dragon, are you the same Yuppie Dragon from that from that one Simpsons Forum that's not very popular any more? Because if so it's good to know I suggested these lego comics to you guys.
10/01/23 12:30 AM
BrickVoid: To Yuppie Dragon, there's a lot more to writing a comic than stopping all regularly scheduled comics to finish a cliffhanger. Enough with all of this I'm waiting for October 8th, so kindly keep the dramas out of the comments section.
10/01/23 12:28 AM
BrickVoid: @Swiftbow, did you receive my email response?
09/30/23 08:20 AM
Yuppie Dragon: Oops @swifybow, I apologize that was for @Brickvoid
09/30/23 08:19 AM
Yuppie Dragon: @Swiftbow ! Holy crap dude, who died and made you boss of this story? Seriously! Who? I have never seen a more self entitled jerk of a reviewer than you. Other people read this story, other people enjoy this story and they could probably care less that a cliff hanger happened because of a script problem. So get your head out of your ass and respect the authors for taking the time for even working on a story like this. It's plain to see you have no idea how writing and publishing works. I hope you apologized to swiftbow after he sent the email. You sound like such a spoiled brat, act your age, not your shoe size
09/27/23 09:44 AM
Swiftbow: Good lord, BrickVoid. I sent you an email. Please read it. We're not coming to an end and this isn't a "hiatus." It's a VERY temporary pause of two weeks. We have had longer breaks before. Also... when you're writing a story... the BEST time to take a break is a cliffhanger. It helps ensure the audience will come back.
09/27/23 01:17 AM
BrickVoid: I have high hopes for this comic as No. 7 said: "No dissassemble." :)
09/27/23 01:16 AM
BrickVoid: You don't enjoy it? Then why did you leave us on a cliffhanger episode for so long? I really don't like cliffhanger episodes, and yet what do you go and do? Cliffhanger episode right there and leave me waiting for answers I've thought over a hundred or more times. I really and seriously wish that you would fix whatever is causing all of the delays in getting such a simple thing as the next installment of a story arc together. Do I even get an answer? So far, all I can do is wait, this is more than just about what I want, it's about you getting this comic back on track when you claim you are coming back from haitus. You know when that is, and you know what you must do. I'm a fan, and I don't like to sit and wait idly whilst things just continue to get delayed. Every other webcomic on the internet runs into delays that are similar to this, and all of them have ended. Mostly because the author decided they needed to stop making comics, but not because of fans wanting results.
09/26/23 10:37 PM
Swiftbow: So really... we have published 144 of these so far. We published over a THOUSAND Harry Potter episodes. You are not entitled to this. We do this FOR the fans because we enjoy it. When you post things like your last two comments? I don't enjoy it very much.
09/26/23 10:35 PM
Swiftbow: But seriously... I don't think you have the first idea what goes into making these comics. Writing time, set building time, photography time, photo editing/word bubbles, final editing... each of these steps can take multiple hours. I could throw up a slapdash installment with no editing... I don't think you'd like it. And do you really want some cliched Hollywood ending here? If we were doing a hackneyed recycled plot, I don't think you'd be as interested in seeing the ending.
09/26/23 10:31 PM
09/26/23 09:10 PM
BrickVoid: Related in what way? i really am not seeing why you don't just get on with it and finish it. Talk is cheap, publish something we can look at to better understand what is so complicated about a rescue dozens of TV shows and comics have done in one form or another, with or without sci-fi settings and equipment in them.
09/26/23 09:03 PM
Swiftbow: It didn't get pushed back, I put up the wrong date. Sorry... it was late and I made a mistake. And anyway... we ARE doing this for free. If I need a break, for whatever reason, that's just what's going to happen. I prefer to alert you all if that's the case, because, as a comic-maker, I do feel obligated to complete stories I have started. But that doesn't mean you can just demand I stick to a schedule. This break is related to finishing the storyline... and it can't be helped. I tried to set a time scale that I can reasonably achieve. This comic is not a job... it's a hobby we do for free.
09/26/23 08:48 PM
BrickVoid: What concerns me the most is that the resumption date keeps getting moved back. This not how I view a comic schedule being run. Since this story arc seems to be close to wrapping up I strongly recommend you have all the comics needed to wrap it up ready to be published, that way us readers can also get a break from the "hiatus" syndrome. This works both ways, I want a regular comic schedule back, which you commintted to, and you are not doing this. Kindly ensure that the remainder of this story arc will at least be published on schedule. I really do not like being kept waiting. I'm looking for good quality comic entertainment in the ensuing rescue and scuffle with Natashia's captors, and I expect that you will deliver on October 8th and not push things further back into oblivion. I really like this comic but is it worth my time to have the publish deadline pushed back all the time? I think not. Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to state here, I wish you the best of luck doing so
09/26/23 04:12 PM
Swiftbow: Hey, it's okay... I'm glad you're so invested :) We keep these breaks as short as possible. There are factors going in to create the story that would not benefit from being rushed. Rest assured, we'll be back as soon as possible!
09/26/23 10:35 AM
DaniGeek: And be grateful that he updates this often. We have very busy schedules so to get these things up weekly is pretty amazing. If you had followed my old fanfictions years ago, you would had to have waited a while. I left my readers in a cliffhanger for about four months because I was in a creative slump. So yeah, be chill and go find something else to read.
09/26/23 10:32 AM
DaniGeek: @brickvoid: just so you know, swiftbow has this really cool thing called a life. Also his updates are actually pretty good compared to his other comic he does called planescape which has not been updated since February of last year. So you need to be patient and considerate.
09/26/23 03:30 AM
BrickVoid: If you're going to do hiatuses, could you keep them shorter? 3 weeks is a long time to leave us in suspense! I understand sometimes it's necessary, but I would like for you to be considerate of people who want to see the plot unfolding. Enjoy your hiatus, I'm just trying to say it shouldn't be left to go long if at all possible. :)
09/18/23 12:04 PM
BrickVoid: As for the fate of the Spoogians on the planet, who knows what they'll come up with, but it can always be something good! :D
09/18/23 12:03 PM
BrickVoid: He should have made sure to be telling her all that whilst broadcasting it to the bridge of the Intrepid. I think he's going to get the message that they've already decided to rescue her, very soon! :D

Panel 1:
Natashia Starrat: Well... let's not be hasty. I mean, I'm sure they already mined a lot.
    Wouldn't want all that work to go to waste!

Panel 2:
Supreme Advisor: You see? Being queen has its benefits.
    Speaking of, I assume our prince has explained the other matter?
Natashia: Yes... but... I didn't agree to any wedding.
Supreme Advisor: It is part of being queen.
Natashia: I didn't actually agree to that, either.

Panel 3:
Supreme Advsior: Ah, but the people have already accepted you.
    An abdication at this point would only lead to chaos and bloodshed.
Natashia: Bloodshed?
Supreme Advisor: But of course. I have I not explained?

Panel 4:
Supreme Advisor: Your ascendancy has served to calm the bloody insurrectionists who have plagued this planet.
    You cannot possibly wish to be responsible for such madness beginning again.
Natashia: So that's why you brought me here.
Supreme Advisor: You are the sharp one, yes.
Natashia: And if I refuse to cooperate?

Panel 5:
Supreme Advisor: THen I will destroy the Intrepid. And execute any survivors.

Panel 6:
Natashia: You'll start a war!
Supreme Advisor: No, my dear... I'll be preventing one.
    If either you or they attempt to subvert this... equitable solution... I will be the one upholding the treaty.
    And the Federation will gladly, HAPPILY support my actions. For the greater peace.

Panel 7:
Prince: We do want peace!
Supreme Advisor: Indeed. So enjoy your beverage.
    A queen who is useful to me receives her privileges.
    A queen who is not? Well...

Panel 7:
Supreme Advisor: Good evening, my dear. And welcome home.
Narrative Text: To Be Continued!
(Federation Star Defense shall return on October 8th!)

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