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Episode 4: Part 45

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Episode 4: Queen Natashia
Original Characters and Concept: Travers, Kenyon, & Rioux Jordan; Alex & Natasha Gorely; Sam Barnett
Original Story (Queen Natashia): Alex Gorely, Kenyon & Travers Jordan
Adapted to Comic Form by: Travers, Rioux, & Kenyon Jordan
Photos: Travers & Rioux Jordan
Background Photos: Search Engine Image Sources & personal photos
Art/SFX/Photo Editing: Travers Jordan
Editing: Kenyon Jordan, Therese Jordan
Social Media Coordinator: Danielle Jordan

We're back!

Comments from the Tagboard:

10/12/23 12:19 AM
Freezer: If the comment about the immitation shrimp wasn't enough of a call for help, they all deserve to get blown up by the Romulans.
10/11/23 10:32 AM
BrickVoid: Although, since the entire previous comic focused on t he result of actually talking to Natashia, it does raise interesting questions about how they're going to go about this, if at all.
10/11/23 10:31 AM
BrickVoid: I don't think it will be Mr. Talbot, in fact, he might suddenly start showing his true colors if he found out what they're trying to do.
10/09/23 11:41 PM
Freezer: And who will do the most to try and stop them: Talbot or Ulbek?
10/09/23 11:39 PM
Freezer: So how openly will Mr. Talbot start interfering with them once they start making plans to rescue Natashia?
10/09/23 01:05 AM
BrickVoid: I like it. Bit I still don't get what Swiftbow meant when he said it took him 3 weeks to get it all set up. It could have been done in a week or two at most. So I'm not sure what I'm supposed to apologize for. But I do apologize, it seems this comic is being overcomplicated by it's author(s), when it doesn'/t need to. Eh, whatever. I'm happy to see it got publushed. :)

Panel 1:
Narrative Text: A short while later...
Grayson Talbot: Well, it took all my formidable skills. But I've arranged for us to talk to Ms. Starrat.

Panel 2:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Face to face finally?
Talbot: Over the viewscreen, yes. They're not willing to allow any beaming at the moment.
    The supreme advisor is concerned that we might attempt to kidnap her with the transporter if they lower defenses.
Commander Dale Zurkett: There's some irony.
    And what are the odds she won't be monitored by the Romulans for the entire conversation?

Panel 3:
Talbot: This is the best we're going to get. Unless you want to start that war?
Dale: Don't tempt me.
Jeff: Hylia, hail the surface. Tell them we're ready.
Ensign Hylia: They've acknowledged, sir. Going onscreen.

Panel 4:
Natashia Starrat: Hello, Intrepid? Oh, good, I see you.
Jeff: Lieutenant Commander Starrat! You look.... uh... comfortable.
    There's been some panic up here. Are you all right? What have they done to you?

Panel 5:
Natashia: Nothing! They did surprise me a little. But I'm apparently royalty.
    They've fed and clothed me. And now, I guess I'm the queen!
Dale: We've heard.
Jeff: So you're actually happy about this?

Panel 6:
Natashia: Oh yes. Very! It's grand, you know... being waited on hand and foot.
    I'd say I love it down here as much as I loved that imitation shrimp on Wogglenather.

Panel 7:
Natashia: I, uh, belong here. I hope you understand.
    The Spoogians will do best if I'm here to help them.

Panel 8:
Jeff: Well... I guess if you're... really sure.
Hylia: We can't FORCE her to serve on the ship, sir.
Dale: Exactly. I don't like it. But we have to respect her decision, Commodore.
SFX: Nudge!
Jeff: Right, of course.

Panel 9:
Natashia: So I suspect Mr. Talbot would like to conclude the negotiations?
Talbot: That would be best.
Natashia: Great. I'll send someone to find the supreme advisor.
    I'm certain he can't be too far away.

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