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Episode 1: Part 16

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I've been looking forward to showing the Wogglenathers on screen!

Comments from the tagboard:
06/01/20 10:24 AM
Amethyst: Happy to see that the Wogglenathers want to help! I wonder how they're going to do that? Attack like a guard dog??

Panel 1:
Admiral Stevens: You heard me right, Zurkett? You've got your orders
Lieutenant T'Zel: Commander... Dale... I'm sorry. I lost Cooper.

Panel 2:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Admiral: To hell with your cease-fire!

Panel 3:
Dale: Everyone, listen up!
   Command is going to let us die here while some idiot diplomats chat over coffee!
   I refuse to let that happen! But we need ideas and we need them now!

Panel 4:
Lieutenant Hank Reynolds: Let's take the fight to them, sir! Right over the wall!
Dale: On foot?
Hank: Damn right, Commander. It's the last thing they'd ever expect.
Dale: It's definitely got that going for it, Reynolds.
   Hell. Let's do it.
   Martinez, put me on the horn to all our squads.
Ensign Martinez: You're patched through on your comm-badge, sir!
Redshirt 1: Right across that killing field?
Redshirt 2: It's a better shot than we've got here!

Panel 5:
Dale: Squad commanders, launch all remaining shells and smoke grenades on my mark.
   Load up all remaining phaser power packs, priority to the squad automatic weapons.
   And fix bayonets.
   We're going over the wall.
   And we're taking those slugs down!
Redshirts: YEAH!!!

Panel 6:
Dale: Colonel Barkface... are your boys with us?
Colonel Barkface: All my Wogglenathers stand with you, Commander!

Panel 7:
Ensign Abrams: Bayonets? We never trained in bayonets at the Academy!
Hank: They're a helluva lot less complex than a phaser, Ensign. Here, I'll show you how to attach it.

Panel 8:
Dale: Right, this is it.
   Everyone now... let's go!

Panel 9:
Redshirts: For the Federation!
Tajarans: Gak--! Glrk--! Argh--!

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