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Episode 1: Part 17

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This event was alluded to in Part 9!

Comments from the tagboard:
06/12/20 11:47 PM
BrickVoid: So someone just navigated a starship into the surface of a battlefield? That's an odd way to plow a field! :D

Panel 1:
Tajaran 1: The Earthlings break our assault!
Tajaran 2: Run! Run for your lives!
Panel 2:
General Bruuk: Halt, you cowards! They are but a few, pathetic squadrons!
   Commanders, control your battalions! We shall obliterate the Wogglenathers and their Earthling Glarg allies!
Tajaran Commanders: By the General's command! For Tajar! Destroy the Glargs!

Panel 3:
Tajaran Soldier: General Bruuk!
Bruuk: This is not the time.
Tajaran Soldier: But General... it's coming straight for us!

Panel 4:
Acting Captain Jeffrey Bannister (over comms): Commander Zurkett, this is Acting Captain Jeffrey Bannister, commanding USS Yorktown.
   Apologies, our communications have been sotty. But coordinates received! I am moving us to your position.

Panel 5:
Redshirt: Commander, is that--?!
Commander Dale Zurkett: Holy...!
Tajarans in distance: Shoot it down! It's too big!

Panel 6:
Tajrans: Argh! Splah! Splakt!
Dale: ... Crap!!!!

Panel 7:
Dale: ... Crap!!!!
Redshirts: Waugh! Nggh!!
Lieutenant T'Zel: Eeee!!
Lieutenant Hank Reynolds: Argh!!

Panel 8
Dale: *cough* Ow...
   Is everyone...?
T'Zel: Unh... Alive, sir. Somehow.
Jeffrey: I, uh.... Oh. Those were targeting coordinates, not navigational coordinates, weren't they?
   Well, don't worry. We're all fine here!

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