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Episode 1: Part 18

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Future entertainment isn't all classical music and period pieces in the holodeck!
(The holo-screen Dale is watching may LOOK like a regular TV, but see, it emits from a base, and you could watch from any angle and see the scene from any side. The future!)

Panel 1:
Location Text: Present Day
   (1 month before the events on the Shadowburn)
Passing Streetcar SFX: *DING* *DING* *DING* *DING*
Dale Zurkett: *snore*
Location Text: Dale Zurkett's House
   New Colorado City, Colorado

Panel 2:
Dale: Ugh... my head... What time is it?
Computer: It is 11:15 AM
Passing Streetcar SFX: *DING* *DING* *DING* *DING*
Dale: Thanks, Computer. That was a rhetorical question.

Panel 3:
Dale: Damn you, streetcars...
   Damn you to hell.
Passing Streetcar SFX: *DING* *DING* *DING*

Panel 4
Dale: Computer... put beer on the shopping list.
Computer: Okay. Adding synthehol to shopping list.
Dale: No, real beer. Never mind. I'll remember.

Panel 5
Dale: Right.. what's in the old watch list today?
Beer SFX: *pssh*
Remote Control SFX: *click!*
Holo Emitter: Now resuming "I Married a Klingon!"

Panel 6
Jane (I Married a Klingon): Honey... why is the replicator on fire?
Borukda (I Married a Klingon): It failed to satisfactorily render my Rokeg blood pie!
   Thus, I was forced to engage it in ritual combat!

Panel 7
Jane: But what will the neighbors say?
Borukda: Nothing! Unless they too wish to challenge my code of honor!
Doorbell SFX: Bing Bong!
Dale: Ugh... now what?

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