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Episode 1: Part 19

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No one ever did seem to be unemployed in Star Trek, did they? Granted, we didn't see a a lot of civilian populations... but what about the lazy people?

Comments from the tagboard:
06/26/20 05:34 PM Swiftbow: I would say that theirs is a far softer tyranny. They literally told him the consequences of not doing what they said. It's far easier to implement/maintain a tyranny based on "taking care of" and "doing what's best for you" (whether you like it or not) than one based on literal murder. Both kinds have existed in history... but the softer tyranny is by far the more insidious, and hardest to fight.

06/26/20 01:00 AM BrickVoid: As for in this comic, it was implied through the tone of their voices. Do what we tell you or you won't exist anymore, one way or another.

06/26/20 12:58 AM BrickVoid: That is what the Federation always seemed to come across in the original series. What else would happen to someone if it's possible to phaser beam them out of existence?

06/24/20 10:43 AM Swiftbow: A little dystopian, sure, dictatorship no. We've already addressed that they have elections (whose outcomes are not assured). I don't see where your "disappear without a trace" idea was implied?

06/23/20 09:04 PM BrickVoid: So, is this meant to imply that the Federation in this comic is basically a dictatorship? If you don't do what they want you suddenly disappear without trace?

Panel 1:
Dale Zurkett: I don't want any.
Female Census Official: No, no. You're Dale Zurkett, yes? We're from the Federation Census Bureau.
Dale: Uh huh?
Male Census Official: Are there any other residents in your home?

Panel 2:
Dale: Well...

Panel 3:
Dale (aside): Sure, just come right in, then. Female Official: Mm hm. And your current occupation? Our records show that you formerly served in Starfleet.

Panel 3
Male Official: Yes, Dale Zurkett, formerly Commander. Injured in battle. Court-martialed for disobeying a direct order. Drummed out of service.
Dale: You left out my gross violations of the Prime Directive.
Male Official: So are we to take it you are currently unemployed?

Panel 4
Dale: Well, let's review...
   After that kangaroo court, I did some freighter transport. Long hours... no pay...
   I suppose I could have kept at it. But, well...
   That was when my dog got hit by the streetcar. His name was Barface. I'd named him after--
Female Official: Hrm, yes. Terrible tale, I'm sure.

Panel 5
Male Official: So... not currently employed.
Dale: Well, it's not like I need money, right?
   Because, you know, we don't use any?
Male Official: Mr. Zurkett, we no longer have money because all humans now work toward the betterment of humanity.
Female Official: Yes, we are no longer driven by selfish desires. We are free to pursue our own interests and to bring about the enhancement of all humans and aliens.
Male Official: We have evolved out of our infancy.

Panel 6
Dale: Okay... My "interest" right now is to watch my dumb show.
   You all can find the door, right?

Panel 7
Female Official: Mr. Zurkett, I'm afraid you don't understand. All humans MUST work toward the betterment of humanity.
Male Official: And since this house is under-occupied and prime real estate is in high demand, we will procure you additional roommates while a new high-density condo is designed to replace this ancient and out-dated dwelling.
Dale: Hey, this is MY house! My parents left it to me. It's on the historical register!
Male Official: Holographic archives will remain for you to visit.
   And the Federation still recognizes personal property, of course.
   So long as it's properly utilized.

Panel 8
Female Official: It is every citizen's duty to pitch in, Mr. Zurkett. We are currently experiencing a temporary energy shortage, after all.
   This serves as your official notification of being in violation of residential occupation codes.
   You have one week to come into compliance.
   If you are not employed by that time, the United Earth Employment Office will determine your occupation for you. You have been pre-selected to be a streetcar driver.

Panel 9
Dale: ... Streetcar driver?!
Female Official: Indeed. They have been a boon to our economy.
   Since the President banned personal conveyance vehicles, demands on energy supplies have been reduced by 20%.
Male Offiial: You managed soldiers once, Mr. Zurkett. A few transist riders should be no problem. Have a nice day.

Panel 10
Dale: I'll never drive a streetcar!
   You hear me?? NEVER!!!!

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