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Episode 1: Part 23

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We've been doing a lot more customization in this series than ever before. My miniature paints and glue are like makeup on the live action show.

Comments from the tagboard:
07/20/20 02:24 AM Swiftbow: Yes. I used gel-type superglue on the hairpiece to build the antennae, (multiple layers to get them taller), then painted over them with miniature paint. (Her head is from a Star Wars Twi'lek model). There'll be more of a close-up next episode!

07/19/20 11:48 PM Pyradonis : Is that Andorian a customized minifig?

Panel 1:
Location Text: Shortly thereafter...
    Denver International Spaceport
    Colorado, Earth

Panel 2:
Intercom: FLIGHT 227 - Earth to Mars Colony. Now boarding groups A through C.
Zack Del Rio: Whoa, wait up! There's one more!

Panel 3:
Zack: Oh good, there you are. Hey Dale!
Dale Zurkett: Huh? Zack? What are you doing here?

Panel 4
Zack: Um, well... I need to get off the planet for a little while.
    For my health.
Dale: Uh huh.
Zack: Okay, they sent some police to my apartment.
Dale: Dang, was that my fault? The Wogglenather files?
Zack: Yeah, maybe. Or the replicator thing. I didn't stick around to chat.

Panel 5
Zack: Anyway... space, huh? A starship sounds like a good change of pace.
Dale: Wait... that uniform is real? When did you enlist? You haven't had any time for training, or--

Panel 6
Zack: I might have hacked the personnel records a little. They never did close that back door I warned them about.
    Lieutenant Junior Grade isn't too suspicious, right?
Dale: Uh...
Zack: Replicated the uniform last night. I dig the new fleet logo! Kind of like the old old days when all the ships had their own emblems.
Ticket Taker: Next!

Panel 7
Zack: Hi! Zack LeRoux. Starfleet.
Dale (aside): LeRoux?
Ticket Taker: Very good, Lieutenant. You're on the manifest. Have a nice flight!

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