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Episode 1: Part 24

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That travel time between Earth and Mars may seem slow for Trek, but ships can't safely use warp speed inside a solar system. (It HAS been done, but it's not advisable. Weird things can happen.)

Comments from the tagboard:
07/31/20 06:58 PM Swiftbow: Well, to do that, we'd have to actually BUY some minions. And I am not fan. Like at all. If you wanted to donate some, though, I suppose their home planet could possibly be destroyed in a fiery catastrophe... ;)
07/29/20 10:34 PM BrickVoid: I see that the Minions from Despicable Me are now available as minifigs! I don't know for how long, but it would be nice seeing you use them in this comic for some alien race! :D

Panel 1:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Le Roux? Really?
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Well, y'know... Del Rio. LeRoux. They both have "river" in them.
Dale: No... LeRoux means "the red." Or "the sauce." I think.
Zack: Oh. Well, my Abuelo will probably haunt me, then. But I'll change it back later.

Panel 2:
Dale: You're going to get caught one of these days.
Zack: Maybe. But not today!

Panel 3:
Ship Intercom: Thank you for flying TransSolar spacelines.
    We have now cleared Earth's atmosphere and are accelerating to full impulse power.
    We will be arriving on Mars in approximately 3 hours. Refreshments will be served shortly. Please enjoy your flight.

Panel 4
Lieutenant Commander: Natashia Starrat: You've been messing with that signal for hours, Hylia.
    Any progress? Ensign Ystelia Hylia: No so much, Natashia. But I'm on the verge of something! I'm sure of it.
Natashia: Didn't Starfleet already give up on it? That is was probably just a quasar burst?
Hylia: Quasar bursts don't sound like this. They don't moan.

Panel 5
Natashia: You're calling it moaning?
Hylia: Do you have a better description?
    I kept thinking it was a code. Then maybe a new language.
    But I tried running it through the universal translator... I got a buffer overrun. That means too much data. Even when I trim it into segments!
    It's so stretched out, I tried increasing the tempo. But then all I get is complete static.
    This is the most complicated thing I've ever worked on.
Zack: How much more complicated?

Panel 6
Zack: Sorry, I don't mean to intrude.
    I just like solving technical problems.
    Oh, but hey... you're Federation Star Defense, too?
Natashia: Wow, yes. I was surprised that Starfleet had booked us on a civilian shuttle.
Hylia (aside): Wait... maybe it's being distorted by a second signal it picked up during transit...
Natashia: But if Hylia and I aren't the only ones...
    Makes me a little concerned that Starfleet isn't taking our new branch very seriously.
Zack: Well, at least it's a direct flight!
    But about that signal?

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