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Episode 1: Part 25

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I should note that Zack's last line "From who?" is actually terrible grammar. But he's not the kind of person to think about that sort of thing. Especially in casual conversation.

Comments from the tagboard:
08/08/20 01:47 PM Swiftbow: Hey, sorry everybody, but we're havng our first delay! Episode will be up late on Tuesday.
08/03/20 01:50 AM Pyradonis: Yeah, I know I wouldn't put any Minion minifigs into this comic if I were you. It just screams "parody", which is not what you are doing here.

Panel 1:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Thanks for letting us listen to it. But I have no idea what--
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Me neither. It sounds kind of spooky.
Dale: All I know is that the Scoggo Sector is near Tajara. And Wogglenather.

Panel 2:
Zack: I'm Zack, by the way. Zack Del Rio. Lieutenant. Starfleet.
Dale (aside): Wasn't that LeRoux?
Zack (aside): Uh. Yes. That.
Ensign Ystelia Hylia: Ensign Ystelia Hylia.
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: Natashia Starrat. Lieutenant Commander.
Dale: I probably should have let you all know that I'm--
Hylia: Are you all as excited about this posting to the Intrepid as I am?

Panel 3:
Hylia: I signed up in a second when I found out we were being led by Commodore Bannister!
    The Wogglenathers call him the Great Jeffrey!
    And they study his combat maneuvers on Andoria
Natashia: I've heard great things, too. And I jumped at the chance to get out of cataloging moon craters!
    I'm not sure about our Executive Officer, though. Dale Zurkett? I think he was in the Tajaran Conflict, too.
Dale: Yes. Yes, I was there.
    I'm Commander Zurkett.

Panel 4
Hylia: The XO!
SFX: *salute!*
Zack (aside): *snicker*
Hylia: Terribly sorry, sir! And I interrupted you, too!
Dale: You don't need to do that, Ensign. We're all bridge officers, here. I'd like to be on a more familiar basis.
    Besides, I was drinking beer in my pajamas two days ago.

Panel 5
Natashia: You probably shouldn't tell the enlisted men that, sir.
    As I understand it, the Admiralty assigned us half a shipload of convicts.
Dale: Well, I mean... most of them were non-violent. We'll work it out.
    Zack here is like half convict, anyway.
Zack: Hey!

Panel 6
Natashia: I knew I saw your name in the battle reports. But so many redactions!
    Did they scrub your records?
Dale: Now that's a long story. Ask me later.
    But if you don't mind me asking... your personnel report says you're from New Vulcan. You don't, uh...
Natashia: Sound Vulcan? No. I'm part human. And we moved to the Marquesas Islands when I was a kid.
    My great grandfather's family is from there. Still a lot of relatives!
Dale: Oh, Polynesian?
Natashia: Yes. And a tradition of wayfaring. Took them to space!
    I kind of heard the call, too.
    And then got stuck to a desk job.

Panel 7
Dale: Well, this posting is going to be different!
Hylia: Huh. That's strange.
Dale: Well, hopefully not strange. Just different. Better!

Panel 8
Hylia: No, no... not that. The message.
    When I dropped the tricorder to salute, the tempo button got turned up. I'd tried that earlier, but there must have still been too much distortion.
Natashia: The tempo? You're saying it was just--
Hylia: Slow, yes! At least 100 times slower! I don't know how, but I know what it is now. It's a distress call!
Zack: A distress call? From who?

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