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Episode 1: Part 26

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Sorry for the delay! We ran through our buffer at the same time as going camping.

No, wait... I should have said we had to post from the Slow Dimension...

Comments from the tagboard:
08/11/20 10:17 PM BrickVoid: they say never to smile at a crocodile. But when a Gorn is smiling that's bad news for whoever they're attacking! :D

Panel 1:
Location Text: The day before, in the Scoggo Sector...

Panel 2:
No dialog.

Panel 3:
Commander Ezzok (aside): Nnn...
Ensign Yuna (aside): Ooo...
Colonel Hank Reynolds: I think... *cough* the torpedoes have stopped.
    If anyone can move... could use a hand here...
Captain Korzon: Stay still.
Lieutenant McDougal (aside): Erngh...

Panel 4
Korzon: Raargh!!
Hank: Thanks, Captain. *cough*
    McDougal... If you're able... Ship status.
McDougal: Barely. Distress signal sent, sir.... *cough cough* We somehow still have primary power. They hit just about everything BUT our reactor.
    The nacelles are severed. Hull breaches all across the ship.
    Life support is destroyed. Most of the sensors, too. About all I'm getting is a lot of feedback from near Engineering.

Panel 5
McDougal: Good news, though! Shields are still up. That's why we're not currently floating through space.
    Less good news... we have about 12 hours of breatheable air.
Hank: Critical hull failure, but your shields are still up?
    That shouldn't be possible.
    (aside) Mr Yalsteren? No, you too?
Major Ulbek: I may have an answer.

Panel 6
Ulbek: We are trapped in a depression in space time. We perceive normal movement, but the Tajarans would see us as nearly stationary.
    Slowed as we are, the minute nanosecond fluctuations in our shield grid instead become massive holes.
Ezzok: Great. So now we know exactly HOW they smashed us to bits.
    And that they can destroy this ship as easily as they did the Grzonder. So why are WE still alive?
Hank: Our nacelles are gone, and they're attacking Engineering. I think they're trying to steal our Warp technology.

Panel 7
Korzon: None of this matters. They destroyed my ship. Murdered my crew. I will shred their flesh.
Hank: I'm with you there, Captain. But we're in a shattered ship with no functioning engine.
    And fighting an enemy that probably looks like a blur. If we can even see them at all.
Ulbek: That may actually NOT be true, Colonel.

Panel 8
Ulbek: If the field works the way I believe it does, then the Tajarans are only immune so long as they remain outside it.
Hank: Okay. But we still need time, and they have all of it. Our weapons can't fire fast enough to hit them. And we're still sitting ducks. What DOES work?
Yuna: Colonel, what about the transporters? They're fast or slow... they're instant!
Ulbek: We cannot use the transporters without lowering the shields.
    Additionally, there is nowhere safe to transport TO.
Ezzok: Maybe not... but that still gives me an idea.

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