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Episode 1: Part 28

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So, we're looking to find more places to promo the comic. If you like it so far (figuring that's a good bet, if you're still reading!) and know any good places to advertise/spread the word, let us know or just tell your friends yourselves! We appreciate it!

Comments from the tagboard:
08/23/20 12:41 PM
BrickVoid: If only "twenty minute timer" was code speak for put it on a 30 second countdown ... If you've watched a certain Star Trek movie you'll get this reference. :D 08/23/20 11:52 AM
BrickVoid: From my connection here in Australia, I don't even see a "Episode 27" page. :D That means the link is missing, is all. Swiftbow will fix it! :D 08/23/20 11:52 AM
Swiftbow: Ha ha ;) No, it's just I update the page code manually whenever we put up a new update, and I forgot to fix the navigation (and the jpg file) on 27.html. But it's good now! 08/23/20 07:14 AM
Oldarmourer: Is it just me, or are pages 26 and 27 the same ? are we missing something between 26 and 28 or is it just that a binary computer can't handle decimal ? ;)

Panel 1:
Tajaran Lieutenant: Admiral Bokchow! Are you hurt?
Admiral Bokchow: Grrah... I... live.
    The Earthling glargs are more cunning than anticipated.

Panel 2:
Bokchow: And they will pay for their transgressions!
Tajaran Lieutenant: Does that mean...?
Bokchow: Yes! Deploy the weapon of ultimate doom against them!

Panel 3:
Major Taylor: Glad to see you alive, Colonel!

Panel 4
Colonel Hank Reynolds: You, too, Major Taylor. Any luck?
Taylor: It's hooked up, sir. We haven't had a full power load test.
Captain Korzon: It will work, I'm certain. The Romulans wouldn't have put up such a fight for it if it didn't.
Taylor: The self destruct is rigged, too. As you ordered.
Hank: Good. Put it on a twenty minute timer.
Taylor: Yes, sir.

Panel 5
Hank: Keep them transporting, Mr. McDougal!
Lieutenant McDougal (comms): Next group en-route, Col--

Panel 6
Lieutenant?! Are you all right? What happened?!
McDougal (comms): Sir, we've lost the transporter!
    Primary power is down on all the upper levels.
    I can check the relays.
Hank: No. Get ot the escape pods. We'll do what we can from here.

Panel 7
Major Ulbek: It was a power surge from accumulated damage.
    The reactor core is melting down. Going into failsafe mode.
    We will have complete power loss in the drive section in less than five minutes.
    Sir, if you wish to self-destruct, we will have to do so before the mechanical failsafe fully engages.
Hank: What was that?!

Panel 8
Vulcan Marine: Boarding party! They've blown the blast doors!
Brown-haired Marine: They're coming through!
Hank: Marines, cover fire! Everyone, phasers on kill!

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