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Episode 1: Part 32

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So, my niece (Brogen/Rioux's daughter!) is now one week old. She hasn't read the comic yet, but one day she can troll the archives and see this, maybe. Happy one week birthday, Jenavieve!

You probably just now realized that Hank's "sunglasses" are actually a VISOR. It's just a cosmetically different appearance to the same device used by Geordi La Forge in TNG. (As to WHY Hank uses this device, please reference Part 17!

Comments from the tagboard:
09/21/20 12:16 PM
BrickVoid: I reckon the Captain and his shuttle will survive, although with steering difficulties and minor injuries to the passengers at the very least as they were the last to leave. They have a good chance of getting teleported onto one of the other shuttles if the need arose. Hopefull they won't have to spend too much time on cramped shuttles! :D
09/21/20 04:17 AM
Pyradonis: The Shadowburn was slowed as well. As I understand it they should have no more problems getting away than without any time dilation.

Panel 1:
Tajarans: Horrid beast!
    The hide is resistant to our weapons!
    It still bleeds! Destroy it!

Panel 2:
Commander Ezzok: GRAAAA!!!! Let me go! I can save him!!
Black-haired marine (aside): Fall back! Go, go!
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Your captain gave you an order, Commander!

Panel 3:
Ezzok: Order... *huff* he told me... *huff* to go...
Hank: We will avenge them, Ezzok!
    But you can't do that if you're dead!
Ezzok: *snarl* *huff*
    No... No... You're right.
Hank: Then get on that damn shuttle!
Ezzok: Yes, sir.

Panel 4
Major Ulbek: We are prepped for immediate departure.
And sir, we have approximately 32 seconds to self-destruct the Shadowburn.
Hank: Then get us out of here, Mr. Ulbek!

Panel 5
Hank: Computer: Tie in to Shadowburn. Authorization, Reynolds, Hank. Section 31, U.E. Shadowburn.
Computer: Remove VISOR for retinal scan.
Hank: *grunt* Fine.
Computer: Authorized.
Hank: Taylor, I need two officer codes to engage self-destruct.
Major Taylor: Yessir.

Panel 6
Tajaran 1: The beast falls!
    A curse on him for our losses!
Tajaran 2: But the fleeing humans' exhausts have cleansed the deadly salts!
    Oh, glorious victory!
Computer: Attention: Ship self-destruct in 15 seconds.
    Please proceed to emergency exits in an orderly fashion.
Tajaran 3: What?

Panel 7
Hank (comms): All escape craft, this is the Colonel. Maintain tight formation! Maximum possible speed!

Panel 8
Hank: C'mon, baby... faster!!
Ulbek: Time dilation effect unknown, sir. We may be unable to attain a safe distance from--

Panel 9

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