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Episode 1: Part 33

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You should be able to JUST make out the shuttle in panel 5 there.

And today was Danielle and my's 5th Anniversary!

Comments from the tagboard:
10/04/20 05:00 AM
Oldarmourer: A lot of older images of Starfleet 'Destroyers' resemble a smaller Constitution Class Cruiser with only one nacelle
09/30/20 11:28 AM
Swiftbow: There will be further details on how it works, but there is no additional device. All the problems were tied to the Tajaran's "Slow Dimension."
09/28/20 11:10 PM
BrickVoid: They also need to figure out what was stopping the warp drive from working, and develop a coutnermeasure for that. I'm not sure if you meant for it to be the time dilation field or if the Tajarans had another device that shut off the warp drive.
09/28/20 11:00 PM
Swiftbow: The Grzonder (Gorn ship) had four nacelles, the Shadowburn had two. But that was before explosions.
09/28/20 10:59 PM
Swiftbow: The nacelles create the Warp field (bubble). The Warp core itself is in Engineering, using matter/anti-matter annhilation, balanced by Dilithium Crystals, to supply Warp Plasma to the nacelles during flight. A shp can go to Warp with just one nacelle, but won't be as fast.
09/28/20 10:41 PM
BrickVoid: Sorry, that should read "other nacelle" I reckon, instead of "nacelles" plural, as I did not think this ship had more than two warp drives, unless it was the kind of saucer and drive ship that ST:TNG used.
09/28/20 10:38 PM
BrickVoid: Shouldn'tthat be "nacelle"? Don't most Star Trek have paired warp drives for balance reasons? Or was the ship they had been in the type of ship that slipt into multiple different ships each with their own warp drives?
09/28/20 10:36 PM
BrickVoid: other
09/28/20 10:36 PM
BrickVoid: Shouldn't that be
09/28/20 11:35 AMv Swiftbow: They're freckles. (She's meant to be a Trill.) You're not the only one to think that, though. Maybe I need to modify her face a tad to look a little less "stachey."
09/28/20 07:02 AM
Pyradonis: Does Yuna have a moustache or are those freckles?

Panel 1:
Tajaran Tactical Officer: Admiral! The Earthling ship... it has exploded!
Admiral Bokchow: Treachery! What of our boarding vessels?
    The nacelle retrieval ships?
Tajaran Tactical Officer: One nacelle was retrieved, Lord. It is damaged.
    The others... lost in the explosion.
Bokchow: Destroy their escape vessels. No survivors!
Tajaran Tactical Officer: I detect none, sir. They must have been caught in the explosion!
Bokchow: Fools. Thought to deny us warp technology.
    Their efforsts were in vain. Bring in the damaged nacelle.

Panel 2:
Bokchow: Resume previous course.

Panel 3:
No dialog

Panel 4
FX: A star disruption is visible

Panel 5
FX: Image of a nearly transparent shuttlecraft

Panel 6
Major Taylor: I don't believe it! The Romulan device worked! We're cloaked!
    And we managed to extend the field over all our ships.
    Our boys are checking in... three shuttles, nine escape pods.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: So, if that's everyone who survived the attack, that's hardly more than half our crew.
Commander Ezzok: We will avenge our losses, Colonel Reynolds. All of them.

Panel 7
Hank: We need a way to fight that slow dimension if we're going to avenge anyone.
Major Ulbek: Please do not refer to it as a "slow dimension."
    It is properly referred to as a time dilation field.
Hank: Whatever we call it, Mr. Ulbek... we'll need some counter measure the next time. And more than just shuttles.
Ensign Yuna: Our distress call was successfully sent, Colonel. Help must be on the way!
Hank: Good. But I only hope we didn't call another ship to its doom.

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