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Episode 1: Part 35

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Zack recently drove us to near madness.
    See, in the middle of putting together the installments at the spaceport, I suddenly couldn't find Zack's minifigure. We searched high and low for him. I emptied minifig boxes completely and put them back one at a time. No Zack. The big problem being, of course, that we only had one of his head and hat.
    So... having searched for nearly 2 hours with no luck, we gave up and I went to see about ordering new pieces. But that would have meant having to likely skip at least a week. So... I got out my miniature paints and made a new Zack head. Then, at Brogen's suggestion, I also painted a new hat with the Federation Star Defense logo (instead of the beaver hat he had previously worn.) The new head was a little off... but Photoshop cleared that up pretty well. We've been using that minifigure for over a month. (I also went and ordered more parts, just to have a backup. And also because losing Zack meant I'd lost one of the red uniforms.)
    But... then we shot part 34. And, while doing it... guess what I found? Zack, sitting right in the middle of the table. WHERE. I. LOOKED. (several times.) My wife openly wondered about Toy Story type shenanigans. But I don't go for such fanciful notions. I know better. Legos are just toys.
    I'm watching you, Zack.

Comments from the tagboard:
10/18/20 04:24 PM
Swiftbow: I was able to get a broken hard drive to work (briefly) that way once. It spun up long enough for me to copy the files to another device!
10/18/20 05:42 AM
Oldarmourer: Percussive like a charm...
10/15/20 05:06 PM
ReleaseTheKracken52: Correction: I meant to say Andre with his hammer!
10/15/20 05:04 PM
ReleaseTheKracken52: The launch of this ship wouldn't be complete without Zack needing to use a hammer on something.

Panel 1:
Ensign Hylia: Commodore on deck! And also Commander on deck!
Commander Dale Zurkett: At ease, Hylia.

Panel 2:
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: All hands on deck, sir. Section heads are reporting in.
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Very good, Ms. Starrat! Relay to my chair, please.
Natashia: Of course, sir!

Panel 3:
Jeff: Mr. Peters... how're those engines?
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux (aside): Okay, yeah... this doesn't look so bad. Phasers... torpedoes... ooo... rail guns?
Dale (aside): Maybe you should pull up the manual.
Zack (aside): I got this!

Panel 4
Andre Peters: We are operating, Commodore!

Panel 5
Andre: Fusion generators... fusing.
    Warp plasma conduits... green.
    Matter/anti-matter intermix is... hm.

Panel 6
SFX: Whack!

Panel 7
Andre: Stable!
    We are go for launch, Bridge!

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