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Episode 1: Part 36

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You all may have noticed that, unlike Planescape or Harry Potter Comics, we have referred to each installment of Federation Star Defense as a "part" and not an episode. This is because we elected to lay out the plotline like a TV episode, of about the same length. (This first episode's script is about 47 pages long, which is about the average length of an hour long TV episode with commericals. A given comic installment covers an average of 1 and a quarter pages.) I bring this up because we are getting close to the end of Episode 1, after which we will take a break in order to get a headstart on Episode 2. (We are trying to maintain a buffer of comics as often as possible.)

We're still doing a serialized story, but the episodes will be partially self-contained, with Episodes 1 and 2 effectively being a Two-Part series pilot. We hope you're all still enjoying it!

Comments from the tagboard:
10/25/20 02:01 PM
Swiftbow: It's fairly simple, actually... warp drives work by creating an artificial gravity well that the ship "falls" into. If another gravity source is nearby, it creates another pull and will slow or stop the warp drive from functioning. (Or cause bizarre gravitational effects in the area.)
10/25/20 12:48 PM
BrickVoid: From what I remember, warping while too close to a planet does strange and consequential things to the ship and it's crew. Something about warp drives not liking gravity wells, if I recall right! :D
10/25/20 08:31 AM
Oldarmourer: 'percussive Maintenace' will work on just about anything if applied properly, many a Military Aircraft has met mission time via the procedure... ;)
10/24/20 12:30 PM
Pyradonis: Doesn't that guy know anything about starships?

Panel 1:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Um, right. Good.

Panel 2:
Jeff: Ensign, inform Starfleet Command that we will follow our orders in the Orion System.
    ... as soon as possible. We have a distress signal to respond to first.
    And put me on ship-wide intercom.
Ensign Hylia: Yessir!

Panel 3:
Jeff: Crew of the Intrepid! This is Commodore Bannister.
    Every, there is a ship and crew out there in trouble. A crew that is unlikely to have any other help coming.
    But we're a new division. Defending Federation interests and people is our job. So we're going to save them.
    Even if Command hasn't technically told us to.

Panel 4
Jeff: Helm, set coordinates for the Scoggo Sector.
    Maximum Warp.
Commander Dale Zurkett: With pleasure, sir!
    But, uh... I should probably clear us out of Mars' atmosphere first.
Jeff: Yes. That. Do that.
Dale: Ms. Starrat, are we cleared for launch?

Panel 5
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: All lines are green, Commander. Mars' Air Control has cleared us.
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux (aside): Do I need to anything for this part?
Dale (aside): Sigh. And no.

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