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Episode 1: Part 37

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Okay! I hope you all enjoyed the first episode of Federation Star Defense! As I mentioned last week, we'll be taking the next month to get a head start on Episode 2. (Final scripting, set building, photos, and a finished comic buffer.) We will return at the beginning of December. See you then!

(In the meantime, I also have an installment of Planescape, my drawn comic, to finish. Off I go!

Oh... on one other subject, if anyone knows of any great Lego-sized LED lights (battery powered), that would be awesome. They'll be for interior lighting on the Intrepid, so the windows can be lit from within when it's photographed. I did a little on that this episode, because I stuck a flashlight inside, but it was a little too bright and focused (and also too big for anywhere but one spot).

Comments from the tagboard:
12/03/20 06:31 AM
patience is a virtue: Wow @Brickvoid, patient little bugger aren't you...
12/03/20 02:33 AM
Swiftbow: That is the current plan, yes. I will let you all know if anything changes!
12/02/20 12:36 PM
BrickVoid: December has begun, and still no comic? Am I to take it Swiftbow meant the first Sunday of December? :D Y'all have a Merry Christmas and play nice with your presents now! I look forward to the new episode of Federation Star Defense when it's ready! :D
11/17/20 05:53 PM
Swiftbow: Have not taken photos with them yet, but I think they will do pretty good!
11/17/20 05:53 PM
Swiftbow: I ended up buying these:
11/16/20 04:49 AM
Oldarmourer: I sawsome battery powered xmas led lights for sale in Walmart, cheap, no doubt the plastic could be trimmed down a little
11/16/20 04:48 AM
Oldarmourer: re: lights
11/01/20 09:21 AM
Oldarmourer: "Do it" a good Capt's phrase, even better than "make it so" but I still like "Let's get it ON!" ;)
10/27/20 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: I remember there being some joke about Picard or some other crew memeber appearing to say "Worf speed", instead of "Warp speed". ST:TNG was well thought out! :D
10/26/20 05:55 PM
Swiftbow: @Pyradonis Yeah... that did occur to me when I wrote it, lol. But I thought it would be an amusing play on Picard's thing and that won out.
10/26/20 05:53 PM
Swiftbow: I use that technique a lot, BrickVoid. But nothing beats a practical effect! I'm pretty sure I can get compact lights that small. I was just wondering if any Lego afficionadoes in the audience had something to recommend :)
10/26/20 02:37 AM
Pyradonis: "Make it go!" - haha, I'm sorry, but it makes me think of the Pakleds. :D
10/25/20 09:45 PM
BrickVoid: It might be easier to just photoshop the lighting in. Unless there's some special effect you want it to convey, a decent image editor should be able to do a fairly good lighting job.

Panel 1:
Andre Peters: Wait, wait! Not yet!
Commodore Andre! What's wrong??
Andre: Oh, sorry. Nothing.

Panel 2:
Andre: I just need to record this.
Ensign Hylia: But the ship HAS recorders.
Andre: Yeah,, I know. I installed them.
    They're not as good as my old Pentax.

Panel 3:
Jeff: Okay, I'm noticing a distinct lack of--
    Oh... are you waiting for me?
    Right, um...

Panel 4
Jeff: Make it go!
Commander Dale Zurkett: Yes, sir.

Panel 5
No dialog.

Panel 6
Dale: We are exiting Mars' gravity well.

Panel 7
Dale: Course laid in.
    ETA for the Scoggo Sector: 3 days.
    Warp drive at your command, Commodore.

Panel 8
Jeff: Do it, Mr. Zurkett. Text: To Be Continued...

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