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Episode 2: Part 2

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And back to the action!

I had planned on rendering the cloak effect more as a star disruption (as seen in the shows), but realized while doing so that such an effect is only really visible with video, and not so much with a static image. (I did attempt the star disruption in some previous panels, but I think this works better.)

Comments from the tagboard:
12/19/20 12:24 AM
Swiftbow: lol, now that is true. Well, maybe they DID make fun of it, then, but in a scene we didn't see ;)
12/18/20 03:00 AM
Pyradonis: You mean the TNG crew who called Lt. Barclay "Broccoli"? :P
12/14/20 11:23 PM
Swiftbow: As to the name, I hope the silliness of it will be mitigated by the wisecracks our stalwart crew will surely make. (The TNG crew would never make fun of the name some aliens gave their own planet.)
12/14/20 12:30 PM
BrickVoid: Looking at the transcript, for Episode 2, there's apparently a "Panel 9" although it's competely blank! :-P
12/14/20 12:27 PM
BrickVoid: I think it's actually kinda neat! Most people out there name planets with boring scientific or historical or whatever names. This name is unique and it fits perfectly! :D
12/14/20 04:55 AM
Pyradonis: Sorry guys, but while I somewhat understand the reason behind it, with the tone you have set for your comic, the name "Spling Splang Sploogie" sticks out like a dozen sore thumbs...
12/13/20 10:27 PM
BrickVoid: I believe they suddenly decided to focus on her cleavage, and she turned from an intelligent and useful counselor into a pretty decoration that had no brains. Typical male attitude towards women in that era, I would guess.
12/13/20 10:25 PM
BrickVoid: Deanna Troi - to give her name the correct spelling; there is an 'i' not 'y' in her name - mostly wore the medical officer's blue uniform with black across the top of the front of the uniform and shoulders. She did at one time wear some uniforms with cleavage. See the following website for more information:

Panel 1:
Location Text: Meanwhile, in the Scoggo Sector...

Panel 2:
No dialog

Panel 3:
Major Taylor: The cloaking devide is stable, sir. But I'm not sure how long we can maintain it. We don't have enough fuel capacity.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Do what you can, Taylor.
Ensign Yuna: Colonel, I've got a partial tie-in to the Tajarans' communications.

Panel 4
Hank: Great job, Yuna. What are they saying?
Yuna: I can't fully decrypt it. But it sounds like they've managed to connect our nacelles in to their power core.
Hank: Can they use the nacelles without a warp core? We blew ours up.

Panel 5
Major Ulbek: They shouldn't be able to, sir.
Ezzok: But doesn't their time dilation work like a reverse warp engine?
Ulbek: It is logical. It would be the only thing powerful enough to cancel out our own warp field.
Hank: We're talking about the slow dimension, right?
Ulbek: Please don't call it that. We do not refer to warp as the "fast dimension."
    Warp drive operates on a dual principle.
    The nacelles generate an artificial singularity in front of the ship, while simultaneously generating anti-gravity behind.

Panel 6
Hank: Right. Like creating a steep downhill in space-time... but the slow dimension creates an uphill slope!
Ulbek: I would never explain it like that.
Hank: But...
Ulbek: I hadn't considered this. If the Tajarans merely created the singularity without harnessing the dark energy for the anti-gravity...
Taylor: You'd create a big hole in space-time. An artificial black hole.
Ulbek: It's an impractical weapon. You'd be just as trapped within the field as the enemy.
Hank: Clearly they solved that part.

Panel 7
Yuna: I'm getting more, sir. They're clustering cruisers around the flagship and will attempt to form a warp bubble around all the nearby ships.
    I believe they're heading for Wogglenather.
Hank: All of them?
Yuna: I can't be sure.

Panel 8
Hank: Either way, we don't have much time.
    Yuna, signal the other shuttles.
    McDougal... set course to board that Slug.
Lieutenant McDougal: Yes, sir.

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