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Episode 2: Part 7

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Sorry this went up a bit late! Finished it up just before dinner and then forgot about posting.

Comments from the tagboard:
01/24/21 09:36 AM
Oldarmourer: Bombjack's broke ? Break out the hernia bars and load those rounds right now !! And someone put some speedtape on that leak..
01/19/21 11:06 AM
BrickVoid: I wonder if these Tajarans have ever seen an enemy ship fall apart and blow up before they even get to lock targets onto it? This should be interesting! :D

Panel 1:
Science Officer Crabjug: Surely it is a bluff, my Lord. There is no "Federation Star Defense."
Admiral Bokchow: Perhaps, Crabjug. But can we be sure? Did you not tell me that your Slow Dimension runs short of fuel?
Crabjug: Please, sir, "Slow Dimension" is not the correct term. It's properly called--
Bokchow: You test my patience, Science Officer.
Crabjug: My apologies, your Eminence. Our fuel runs low only because we must divert so much to the new warp nacelles.
Bokchow: Which is a problem only because your men failed to secure the fuel from the last human ship.
Crabjug: They blew it up before we could get it!
Bokchow: I tire of these excuses.

Panel 2:
Crabjug: But the new Earth ship is larger. It should have even more of the antimatter and dilithium we need to--
Bokchow: Do we have power enough to attack it as we did the other?
Crabjug: Yes. Even, if neccessary, to retreat.
Bokchow: Never use that word. You know why.
Crabjug: Yessir.
Bokchow: No go, begin our assult. And this time, see that you do not fail. For Tajara!
Crabjug: For Tajara!

Panel 3:
Ensign Ystelia Hylia: I'm getting another signal... it's an encrypted channel.
    One of ours!
Commander Dale Zurkett: Survivors? Get us connected!
Hylia: I can't lock on for two-way. The message is distorted. Here it comes:
Message: *kssh*... Shadowburn... *kssh* ... time dilation... *kssh* ... warp and... *kssh* ... impulse should... *kssh*
Hylia: That's it. It just repeats. I'll try to clear it up.

Panel 4
Lt. Commander Natashia Starrat: Sir, I'm picking up some strange power output from the Slug's core.
    They may be charging weapons.

Panel 5
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: What would it take to uh, hit them?
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux (reading): I believe that's called... a firing solution.
Jeff: Yes, that. Get one of those.
Dale (aside): Are you reading from the technical manual?
Zack (aside): Not the time, Dale!

Panel 6
Tech Chief Hawkins: Yes, I know the bridge wants a firing solution!
    Well, tell them we're behind on everything because training was yesterday and I got sucked into space.
Crewman Jeena Jones: You look great, Chief! Not blue at all anymore!
Hawkins: We've got at least one coolant leak in the aft phaser banks and it may be more widespread.
    Plus, these railguns are supposed to be pre-loaded, but that didn't get done before we left Mars.
    So I have mostly raw recruits running a double shift on non-standard weapon systems they've never seen.
    And with a faulty loader that's already broken twice!

Panel 7
Crewman Tim Fulton: That last my fault, Chief. I did ram it into the conduit housing.
Crewman Glana (aside) Ha! I got the crate THIS time!
Jeena (aside): Great job, Glana!
Hawkins: Let's keep those details to ourselves, all right, Tim?

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