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Episode 2: Part 8

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Sorry this went up a bit late! Finished it up just before dinner and then forgot about posting.

Panel 1:
Admiral Bokchow: Yourfleetwillonlyservetostrengthenours!
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: I'm sorry, you're talking too fast.
Commander Dale Zurkett (aside) Is that what it is? Or...

Panel 2:
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Incoming torpedoes!
Jeff: Evasive?
Dale: She's not responding!
    Brace for impact!

Panel 3:
No dialog.

Panel 4
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Damn, they're hit! Didn't they get our message?
Ensign Yuna: I don't know. Our cloak is disrupting communications.
Major Ulbek: The cloak is also disrupting sensors... I cannot tell the extent of the damage.
Lieutenant McDougal: We gotta do something to help them!

Panel 5
Marine: Sir! We've breached their hull!
Hank: Right... McDougal, Yuna: stay with the shuttle.
    Marines, Taylor, Ezzok, Ulbek: you're with me.
    We're gonna shut down that Slow Dimension.
Ulbek (aside): Time Dilation Field.
Hank: Let's go!

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