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Episode 2: Part 10

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I can't think of a lot to say on this one. I like how many angles we can get on the bridge!

Comments from the tagboard:
02/07/21 10:44 PM
BrickVoid: They'll have to time it just right, or the Tajarans may get suspicious! :D

Panel 1:
Commander Dale Zurkett: I'm getting us out of here.
    Emergency Warp!
SFX: *Ka-Beep*!

Panel 2:
Dale: ...
    Or not.
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Ideas, please.

Panel 3:
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Okay, this may sound stupid, but...
    If we dropped our shields...
Dale: That does sound stupid.
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: No, wait! It's brilliant! But not just the shields!

Panel 4
Natashia: We should spool power down to minimum. As soon as they hit us again.
Andre Peters: On everything? But--
Natashia: They'll think we're dead in the water.
Andre: With no power, we will be!
Dale: No, I see what she's getting at. Tajarans don't blow up ships if they think they can salvage them.

Panel 5
Andre: So they'll come in close...
Jeff: And lose their time advantage!
Natashia: Exactly.

Panel 6
Jeff: Do it.

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