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Episode 2: Part 11

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Comments from the tagboard:
02/14/21 11:00 PM BrickVoid: He asked for there to be a fire, and there was one already in progress! Why does this always happen as if it would have been set up if not for the fact that it had already happened prior to the question?

Panel 1:
Science Officer Crabjug: This Earth ship is sturdier than the other.
    We have expended half our torpedo supply.
Admiral Bokchow: The beam weapons will further strain our fuel supply, yes?
Crabjug: They will. But surely the Earth vessel cannot withstand much more.

Panel 2:
Tajaran Tactical Officer: My Lord! Already we triumph!
    The Earthling vessel has lost all power.
Bokchow: Ah! Excellent! And it remains in one piece as well.
Tajaran Tactical Officer: Credit our improved aim, my Lord.
Bokchow: I shall. Cease firing. The Earth vessel is ours!

Panel 3:
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: Four cruisers incoming.

Panel 4
Commander Dale Zurkett: Good. Wait for point-blank.
Andre Peters: This powering sequence takes 30 seconds.
    I'm using a sink to mask the heat signature. Should hold up just long enough!
Dale: Excellent. Zack? Erm, Mr. LeRoux?

Panel 5
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: This isn't good... We still have red status on aft phasers. And only one rail station!

Panel 6
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Chief! We need those weapons online!
    There better be a fire or something down there!

Panel 6
Tech Chief Hawkins: About that, sir... we're gonna need a few minutes.

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