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Episode 2: Part 12

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It was not previously discussed what sort of energy weapons the Tajarans had. Just that they had them, and they were green. So yes... particle beams! Which are also a potentially real thing. Of course, wikipedia also lists phasers and disruptors under particle-beam weapons. But still! They have built some real things that kinda worked.

Comments from the tagboard:
02/22/21 12:36 PM
BrickVoid: As for this episode, "Tennis, anyone?" comes to mind! It's a John Cleese quote! :D
02/21/21 11:45 PM
BrickVoid: Context correcction: "they" meaning scientists ...
02/21/21 11:43 PM
BrickVoid: I know masers are a thing that they have already built. The one I knew of was so big it was not really what you'd call mobile. It could, however, apparently melt through multiple materials simultaneously. That's all i remember of it. :D

Panel 1:
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: 30 seconds to contact.
    Cruisers are charging their particle beams.

Panel 2:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Do we have any weapons?
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Photon torpedoes are online.

Panel 3:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Our shields are down!
    At point blank range, we'll be in our own blast radius!
Jeff: Why don't we raise the shields then?
Dale: Yes! Of course! But not yet!

Panel 4
Dale: Wait for it...

Panel 5
Dale: Now!!
SFX: Ba-zroom!
SFX: Kra-ka-foom!

Panel 6
Tajaran Cruiser Tactical: Shields?! Pull up!
Tajaran Pilot: Too late!

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