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Episode 2: Part 13

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I love the raptor figures, but their one downside? They can't rotate their hands at the wrist like regular mini-figures. Thus, Ezzok can either hold guns gangsta-style, or he can get his own special guns.
    Which is fine, really. I dig this thing.

Comments from the tagboard:
03/01/21 12:44 PM
Swiftbow: And yeah, the arm sockets are technic pins. It's just hard to get something else in there that doesn't look robotic.
03/01/21 12:39 PM
Swiftbow: We have a 3D printer. But I have to say... the process is more art than science, lol. I need to practice with it some more.
03/01/21 12:06 PM
BrickVoid: The otehr thing is, with 3D printing available, you might be able to find a friend who can 3D print some customized parts, that would be awesome because you could design them to requirements.
03/01/21 12:04 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder, are the attachment points for the Raptor's body LEGO compatible? If they were, it would be easy to make an attachment upgrade that looks like he's armored his arms, is made from LEGO parts, and looks like it would fit into the storyline! :D

Panel 1:
Science Officer Crabjug: My Lord! A deception!
    The Earth vessel raised shields!
    One of our cruisers was unable to alter course. It is destroyed.
Admiral Bokchow: Rrrrr.....

Panel 2:
Bokchow: Razlantanning blrktlblaps!!
Ezzok: What in the heck was that?
Major Ulbek: Most likely a phrase the universal translator's decency circuit has chosen not to interpret.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Heh. If the Tajarans are angry, maybe our friends are having some luck.

Panel 3:
Marine: Colonel, the hallway splits. Which way?
Hank: Ulbek?
Checking, sir. The readings on this ship are difficult to measure.
Major Taylor (aside): That... is not a Starfleet issue phaser rifle.
Ezzok (aside): No. It's Gorn-made. It managed to survive the Grzonder's loss. Pity I couldn't find one of our larger guns, this will do.

Panel 4
Hank: Shuttles 2 and 3... give me a status update.
Captain Johnson (comms): Shuttle 2, Johnson here, Colonel. We are holding position, but we are stuck outside the Slug's shields.

Panel 5
Captain Higgins: Shuttle 3, Higgins here, sir. Similar position. We are unable to dock.
    Our wounded are in trouble. T'Zel needs a full sickbay.
Hank (comms): Understood, OK... shuttles 2 and 3 proceed with plan B.
Higgins: Roger that.

Panel 6
Ulbek: This way, Colonel. I believe it leads to their engineering.
Hank: Right. Leave a beacon at this juncture. Let's move out!
Ezzok (aside): You didn't think we prefer our claws, did you? We are not Klingons.
Taylor: Believe me... I never mistook you for a Klingon.

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