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Episode 2: Part 14

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Polarized hull plating can only do so much!

Comments from the tagboard:
03/07/21 11:23 PM
BrickVoid: Hmm, they're going t otake out the slug ... That's not good for the party trying to sabotage the warp drive! Or is it? :D

Panel 1:
Andre Peters: They're clobbering us, Commodore!
    Any more direct hits to decks four, six, or seven could breach the hull!
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: There has to be something we can do!
Andre: There is... I'm gonna go see what those idiots did to my rail guns!

Panel 2:
Ensign Ystelia Hylia: Sir, hang on... I have new contacts. Two Federation Shuttles!
Jeff: Survivors? How many?
Commander Dale Zurkett: With no warp signatures? Where'd they come from?
    Never mind, bring them aboard!
Hylia: But we'll have to drop shields!
Dale: They're not helping anyway.

Panel 3:
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Shields down? Then we can use the transporter!
    Can I beam some torpedoes at the bad guys?
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Yes! That could bypass the time differential!

Panel 4
Jeff: That sounds like a good idea.
Dale: Yes, do it! Andre... hold the lift, I'm going with you.
    Gonna meet those shuttles... maybe they know something we can use.
    Staratt, take the helm!

Panel 5
Jeff: All right, let's give that Slug some payback. Beam those torpedoes, Mr. LeRoux!
Hylia (aside): Federation shuttles, this is the Intrepid! Prepare for landing sequence.
Zack: Shots away, sir!

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