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Episode 2: Part 15

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How often do the bad guy ships in Star Trek technobabble right back at the heroes? Not very often, as I recall.
(I think this particular solution is more techno than babble, though.)

Comments from the tagboard:
03/21/21 09:58 PM
Swiftbow: They do have guidance systems, but that's part of targeting and launching. They're being beamed out of the storage bay with a detonation timer, which prevents use of the onboard guidance system.
03/21/21 12:57 PM
BrickVoid: I'm waiting to see if one of Admiral Bokchow's Cruiser Captains is going to tire of getting hit and rebel against his orders. Small probability, but would be interesting to see if his fellow Tajarans have concerns about his attacks!
03/21/21 12:53 PM
BrickVoid: I always thought that the Star Trek photon torpedoes had some sort of onboard guidance system, even if it would be relatively primitive.
03/21/21 09:35 AM
Oldarmourer: They'll either 'randomly' dodge the topedoes or end up effectively filling extra space and guaranteeing more hits ;)
03/15/21 11:04 AM
BrickVoid: @Pyradonis: They seem to have a history of rash decision making. This little bit of brilliant thinking is, in my mind, doomed to be short-lived! :D
03/15/21 08:38 AM
Pyradonis: I wouldn't call it technobabble what the Tarajans are attempting, it's easy to understand and makes sense so far. :)
03/15/21 12:24 AM
BrickVoid: With a ship that size, would it be possible for them to teleport the whole shuttle onboard? Just curious, not saying you should have them do that. But some of the Star Trek episodes did beam ahips aboard, think it was TNG or Voyager.

Panel 1:
Tajaran Tactical Officer: Earthling shuttles in our sights... firing... n--
Lieutenant McDougal: Argh!

Panel 2:
McDougal: Intrepid's torpedoes are hitting us, too!

Panel 3:
McDougal: Looks like they figured out that beaming trick to get around the slow dimension.
    I wouldn't mind if we weren't docked to the Slug's hull!
Ensign Yuna: If we drop the cloak, we could raise shields. And then they'd know we're here!
McDougal: The Tajarans would see us, too. Could give away the Colonel.
    The other shuttles will make it. I'm sure of it!
    But a few more hits like that? We'll have to abandon ship.

Panel 4
Tactical Tajaran: The transporter trick again, My Lord! Shields down to 50%!
    Our plasma beam array is down!
Admiral Bokchow: Have you no counter measure for this, Crabjug?! I grow furious!
Science Officer Crabjug: I don't-- wait! Engage impulse engines on a variable thrust parameter.
Bokchow: Eh?

Panel 5
Crabjug: Their sensor data for our location is several minutes out of sync.
    If we move randomly, their torpedoes will only strike empty space!
Bokchow: I suspect you should have thought of this much earlier.
Crabjug: Moving the ship disrupts the slow dimension. This is a tricky compromise.
Bokchow: We shall discuss your failure later. What of the shuttles?!
Crabjug: We cannot fire, My Lord. They are attempting to reach the Intrepid.

Panel 6
Bokchow: Then our cruiser captains have a chance to redeem themselves.
    Send our two best. Eliminate the shuttles and then strafe the enemy warship.
    Full weapon power.
    They shall pay for their cowardly shielding trick.
Crabjug: But, sir... if the enemy ship is destroyed...?
Bokchow: We can still refuel after we conquer Wogglenather.

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