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Episode 2: Part 16

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I'm rather proud of Natashia's explanation here. I was thinking about including a graphic of what she's talking about for the author notes, but I think we'll save that for the comic proper later...

Comments from the tagboard:
03/22/21 12:54 PM
BrickVoid: This is also the first really good look we've got at the Intrepid's rear landing bay! I like this design, simple yet looks like it could hold quite a few ships inside of it! :D
03/22/21 05:19 AM
Pyradonis: Now that's proper technobabble / treknobabble! Didn't understand a word!

Panel 1:
Science Officer Crabjug: Our cruisers... they will be vulnerable at close range!
Admiral Bokchow: Deflecting blame, Science Officer? Then I shall take all the glory!
    Their shielding trick only worked last time because we attempted to board.
    They are helpless against a strafing run!

Panel 2:
Ensign Ystelia Hylia: I think I figured out that message!
    We need to engage maximum Warp. And maximum Impulse.
    Heck, pile on the thrusters, too!
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: But those systems don't work at warp speed.
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: Wait, yes! They will this time!

Panel 3:
Hylia: It's like two hills with opposite slopes, right?
Natashia: Exactly! Our bubble warps theirs, pulling their negative hole upwards towards the universal plane. At maximum, we should be able to flatten it enough that our sublight systems will--
Jeff: Stop, stop, stop. Will it make the ship move?
Natashia: Uh... probably.
Jeff: Then do it!

Panel 4
Crewman Jamver: Both shuttles are on course, sir. They're coming in hot.
Commander Dale Zurkett: Ready the bay for a hard landing.
    Andre, we need weapons!

Panel 5
Andre Peters: Hang tight, Commander! We've almot got it!
    3 minutes at the most!.

Panel 6
Dale: I can give you 30 seconds.

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