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Episode 2: Part 17

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Star Trek: Enterprise often treated the hull plating like it was shields. Oh, the hull plating was breached? No problem, we'll just repower it next episode. Um, no... those are physical plates. They break!

The ablative armor that came later was kind of similar... except a little goofier, too, because it would just somehow deploy itself all over the ship, and then retract. Where was it going, exactly? I'm assuming it was some replicator/transporter nonsense, but that's a LOT of wasted power.

Comments from the tagboard:
04/04/21 10:32 AM
Oldarmourer: You could explain the regenerating armour as being replicated in small plates then transported into place as they're fabricated, or just a stack kept in a cargo bay and transported as required. I think the old TNG Starfleet Manual mentioned 'transporter welding' as a means of making seamless bonds ?
04/04/21 02:02 AM
Swiftbow: And I'd imagine it was less to do with production costs and more to do with fitting everything into the runtime and also just forgetting. Although, a producer on one of the later series (Voyager) was quoted as saying the science didn't really matter at all, and they could say whatever. So there's that!
04/04/21 01:58 AM
Swiftbow: The shields in both are quite similar, really... but Star Wars doesn't have transporters, so that particular issue doesn't arise!
03/31/21 12:38 PM
BrickVoid: I reckon the Star Trek shielding should have worked the way the Star Wars shielding did in Episode VI: return of the Jedi. That's one thng Lucas actually did right! :D
03/31/21 12:35 PM
BrickVoid: I think their bosses cares more about stemming production overrun costs than actually getting the scenes right! :D
03/31/21 12:34 PM
BrickVoid: I sometimes wondered if they forgot, or had orders from higher ups to make it work and screw the shields?
03/30/21 08:29 PM
Swiftbow: They did a hard landing like this in Star Trek V. You can't dock a shuttle while the shields are up... though the writers did sometimes forget that.
03/29/21 11:49 AM
BrickVoid: The ship in the seris also had a landing bay that formed out of the hemispherical rear end. Pretty tricky use of special effects and cut scenes to make all that work! :D
03/29/21 11:46 AM
BrickVoid: I do recall that Blake's 7 had a regenerating forcefield concept but it was attached to a base on a planet that they were breaking into. I would imagine that would be somewhat more difficult to do in space! That TV show had the most primitive teleportation system imaginable, huge wrist bracelets and teleporter effects effictevely shrunk a portion of a room down and "materialized" them on the destination end! Ah, the memories, good times they were! :D
03/29/21 11:40 AM
BrickVoid: That would probably be Voyager or some later series I caught a preview of. Yeah, the armor plating's damaged, let's just regenerate it once the battle dies down a little.
03/29/21 11:38 AM
BrickVoid: It amazed me how the shuttles were able to dock, even if they were under fire! I forget which series, but I'm pretty sure one episode used shuttles landing in a docking bay even while under fire. As for the armor plating, some series even suggested that it was regenerative and associated with the shields systems on the ship.

Panel 1
No dialog.

Panel 2:
Crewman Jamver (aside): Shuttle netting in place, sir! Engineering Crewman: More hits on the secondary hull! The plating is breaking up!
Commander Dale Zurkett: Bridge, we need those shields back up as soon as the shuttles are in!

Panel 3:
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: Roger. And how would you like 1/4 impulse speed, Commander?
Dale: Natashia, you're getting a raise!
    Okay... I'm sending you maneuvering data. Are you receiving?
Natashia: 3-point starboard rotation with a 10-point upward lift? I see your plan, sir. On your mark.
Engineering Crewman: Here come those shuttles!

Panel 4:
SFX: Whang!
SFX: WHumph!

Panel 5
Jamver: Shuttles in! Shields are raising!
Dale: Andre, those weapons had better be ready.
    Natashia: NOW!!

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