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Episode 2: Part 18

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Whew... I think this battle has come out pretty well,but I'm definitely ready to do less special effect processing. (Not saying this is the end of the sequence, just that this particular installment took me quite awhile!)

Comments from the tagboard:
04/11/21 03:27 PM
Swiftbow: We were pretty careful to align them so that wouldn't be an issue when we were building the ship, actually!
04/10/21 02:58 AM
Pyradonis: Let's hope the railguns didn't hit their own nacelle struts, though.
04/06/21 12:24 AM
BrickVoid: I'm betting that the cruiser captains are rethinking who they're up against! :D It can't be good for them either way, and someone is going to be shedding scales like mad right about now! :D
04/06/21 12:22 AM
BrickVoid: Those railgun marks are going to require a lot more than buffing them out! :D
04/05/21 03:53 AM
Pyradonis: Haha, I had to think of Nero in Star Trek (2009). FIRE EVERYTHING!!!

Panel 1
No dialog.

Panel 2:
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: They're hitting us above and below!
    Rail stations are greeen! But we have no targeting vector!
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: We will in a second.
    Brace yourselves!

Panel 3:
Natashia: Enemy vessels are now port and starboard, Commander.

Panel 4:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Mr. LeRoux... fire everything.

Panel 5
No dialog.

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