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Episode 3: Part 2

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It looks like I didn't initially write anything here when the episode came out. Oops!

Comments from the tagboard:
06/27/21 08:00 AM
Oldarmourer: Alright, break out the spare core and transport it into place, energize the Bussard collectors and start refuelling,
06/20/21 12:07 PM
BrickVoid: You have Trenton to look after anyway, enjoy! Will await the comic whenever it's ready!
06/19/21 10:03 PM
Swiftbow: Hey... so this weekend was both Father's Day and my brother's birthday. Good times, but a side effect was a comic delay! Should be back next weekend.
06/19/21 12:59 AM
BrickVoid: That's the problem with rednudancy: It's either too complicated and doesn't get maintained properly, or it's so redundandt it eventually becomes obsolete and someone uninstalls it thinking they'll never need that again, until they need it ...
06/18/21 06:23 PM
Pyradonis: Haha, yes, one would think such a critical system to have multiple layers of redundancy.
06/14/21 04:34 PM
RAMPAGE: Better than on the Enterprise. When ever they need to eject the warp core the damn ejection system doesn't work.
06/14/21 12:40 PM
BrickVoid: Andre knows what he's doing, though! He didn't wait to argue with the Commodore, and now the Commodore can get a spectacular view of an exploding warp core!
06/14/21 06:20 AM
Pyradonis: The Commodore isn't being helpful here. As if Andre didn't know they can't go to warp without a core. I would also expect a Commodore to know what happens when the core's antimatter containment fails while inside the ship. Different thought: Finally even I am able to recognize the railguns cannot hit the nacelles. ^^°
06/14/21 12:02 AM
BrickVoid: It's certainly better than trying to escape from an exploding ship! I've often wondered what it would take to rebuild a warp core, this crew hopefully has read the instruction manuals!

Panel 1
SFX: Hmmmmm...

Panel 2:
Location Text: The Scoggo Sector
    2366 AD
Title FX: Federation Star Defense Episode 3: "Tajaran Attack!"

Panel 3:
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: The Tajarans, sir! They've gone to warp!
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Well, I guess that's about as good as surrendering.
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: I'll say... we're not lookig too hot here.

Panel 4:
Natashia: Yes, full damage reports coming in, Commodore.
    The hull breached in three places.
    Internal sensors are down. I'm ordering visual recon of the affected areas.
Zack: Shields are holding, but we're getting a fluctuation in power output.
Jeff: Don't be so glum! We won, didn't we?

Panel 5
SFX: BVOOOoooo...
Natashia (aside): And... there goes primary power.
Jeff: Uh...
Zack: At least we didn't lose.

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