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Episode 1: Part 6

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Sorry this didn't go up yesterday! I just forgot.

Comments from the tagboard:
03/23/20 11:34 AM
BrickVoid: Shouldn't that be "surrender *OR* be destroyed!"? Why would they surrender if they're going to be destroyed anyway?!

03/23/20 11:16 AM
Swiftbow: Its up! Sorry... forgot to post. Oops :-0

Panel 1:
SFX: *Complete Lack of Sound Effect!*

Panel 2:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Well. That's not super great.
   Try maximum warp.
Lieutenant McDougal: I just did... nothing is happening
Major Ulbek: We are technically moving, Colonel. However... one could probably walk faster.

Panel 3:
Hank: Engineering, report.
Engineering: The warp core is engaged, sir. It's like we're pushing against a current or something.
Hank: Or against a slowing? Or a tractor beam?

Panel 4:
Ulbek: Not a beam, sir. But I have identified the source of the "slowing" effect.
   It IS the Tajarans.
   Their lead craft is emitting a field that resembles a gravitation singularity.

Panel 5:
Hank: What, they have a black hole in their ship?
Ulbek: Not exactly. Some warp core breaches have briefly projected a similar effect.
   Almost like a warp bubble... but extending outwards instead of in.
   It seems our loss of momentum occurred when we entered its outer perimeter.
Hank: We don't seem to be all talking slowly now, though. That's good news!
Ulbek: It may not be. If we are fully in the slowing envelope, we may no longer be aware of the alteration in space-time.
   Slow speed may now feel normal.

Panel 6:
Ensign Yuna: Sir, we're being haled. It's the Tajarans.
Hank: Put it onscreen, Ensign Yuna.

Panel 7:
Admiral Bokchow: earthlingsiamadmiralbokchow,sovereignoverlordofthethirdtajaranwarfleet.
McDougal: Uh... what?

Panel 8:
Hank: Why did he sound like a chipmunk?
Ulbek: This unfortunately confirms my theory. We are fully enveloped.
Yuna: I'm slowing down the audio... replaying:
Bokchow: Earthlings... I am Admiral Bokchow, Sovereign Overlord of the Third Tajaran War Fleet.
   Surrender... and be destroyed!
Hank: Well. That's better. I think.

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