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Episode 3: Part 4

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Happy Independence Day!

Comments from the tagboard:
07/12/21 12:26 PM
BrickVoid: right on the page of the wiki, it says they're matter/antimatter torpedoes.
07/11/21 11:47 PM
Swiftbow: I recently watched all of Voyager, BrickVoid (I'm a glutton for punishment, lol). I don't recall that happening. I do recall them collecting technobabble of the week, though. @oldarmourer They also transported antimatter in TOS, when they built a bomb to kill the vampire cloud monster. I still question that torpedoes use antimatter... that was not discussed in show, and it seems like a very bad idea. Any power failure on a single torpedo or any damage to torpedo storage would destroy the entire ship.
07/11/21 11:44 PM
Swiftbow: Episode is a tad late... should be up tomorrow!
07/11/21 11:56 AM
BrickVoid: Star Trek: Voyager actually had them teleporting in dilithium from nearby clouds. I'm not sure about antimatter, though, aren't a lot of the torpedoes fueled with a variant of dilithium or other highly fissile material?
07/11/21 11:50 AM
oldarmourer: The anti-matter storage 'tanks' would in all likelihood still be in place at the same levels prior to the core being jettisoned, leaving lots for shuttle engines, torpedo warheads, etc. We saw it being moved from ship to ship in a few of the NG episodes, although in one instance it was implied that antimatter couldn't be transported and later on an armed torpedo was transported onto a Borg ship
07/05/21 06:37 AM
Pyradonis: I'm sure it makes great clurbles!
07/05/21 01:17 AM
BrickVoid: "Do as you will, Glugtor." Is that Admiral Bokchov's way of saying Glugtor has all the investigative powers he needs, if he wants to diagnose some imbalance or other starship fault?
07/05/21 01:14 AM
BrickVoid: According to the memory-alpha fandom wiki, deuterium was a vital resource to support auxiliary reactors, so I don't understand why most starships wouldn't be carrying additional supplies of it. If necessary, warp cores from shuttles or other starships docked on board could be utilized.

Panel 1
Tactical Officer Glugtor: My Lord... I have detected an imbalance in the warp bubble.
Admiral Bokchow: More failures from Crabjug?

Panel 2:
Glugtor: He may have invented the slow dimension, my Lord, but he lacks in other fields.
    This is puzzling, however. It is as though the ship is... unsymmetrical.
Bokchow: We have many cruisers inside our warp bubble.
Glugtor: I have accounted for their mass, sir.
Bokchow: So what is the danger?
Glugtor: None that I can detect at this time.

Panel 3:
Bokchow: ah! Then you bother me with trifles.
Glugtor: It hsould be investigated, my Lord.
Bokchow: Do as you wish, Glugtor. I shall be in my quarters.
    Alert me when we reach Wogglenather.

Panel 4:
Tajaran Technician: Hrmph. New orders from Glugtor.
Tajaran Engineer: What now?
Technician: Inspection of hull and circuit panels in hallway K17.
    He thinks it may be the source of an imbalance.

Panel 5
Engineer: Command officers. Pft. They think techs have all the time in the world.
    Whatever. If we hurry, we can fit in a Blurz session before we reach Wogglenather.
Technician: Ha! You'll wish you hadn't suggested that whwn you see my new Clurble maker.

Panel 6
Engineer: Big talk. You haven't won in a year.

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