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Episode 3: Part 6

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Okay, we're back! Hopefully no delays like that again. In the future, though, if anyone wants to submit their email address to me ( ), I can send out email blasts if there are delays/inform when we're coming back.

09/06/21 12:26 AM
Swiftbow: Yeah, I don't have Twitter. Glad you stick with us, though!
09/06/21 12:22 AM
BrickVoid: If it wasn't for the fact that emails from this ste might wind up in the Spam folder of my email account, I'd say go ahead and send it there. If you've got a Twitter account that won't worry too much about smilies, as I use them quite often on Twitter, you can put that address somewhere and I'll go follow you. Follow me back if you want, I don't think I will miss seeing any tweets from you as I tend to check regularly anyway. There's literally very few other sites I frequent on a regular basis these days.
09/05/21 11:31 PM
Swiftbow: Hey, well, Happy Birthday, BrickVoid! We have a new comic for you :)

Panel 1
Orderly: Coming through, sir. Sorry... transporters are down!
Commander Dale Zurkett: Don't apologize! Carry on.
    Hang in there, soldier.
Wounded Shadowburn Crewman: Ungh... yessir.

Panel 2:
Dale: T'Zel! What are you doing here?
Doctor T'Zel: Dale!
    I mean, Commander Zurkett.
Dale: You were on the Shadowburn?
T'Zel: Yessir. Chief Medical Officer.
Dale: Wow, I'm glad you made it.
    And lose the sir.

Panel 3:
T'Zel: I'm sorry, sir, but as the ranking member of the Shadowburn's medical staff, I am now under your command.
Dale: Understood.
    Nurse Ronson... get with Sick Bay. Get her whatever she needs.
Nurse Ronson: On it, sir.

Panel 4:
Dale; Doctor T'Zel... let me know when your wounded have been stabilized.
    We need to have a meeting as soon as possible with the senior officers from both ships.
T'Zel: Yessir. And Commander?
Dale: Yes, Doctor?
T'Zel: I am pleased that you too are unhurt.
    For the sake of the ship, of course.

Panel 5
Dale: That's T'Zel. On my ship!
Andre Peters: What are you so pleased about? She said it was just for the sake of the ship.

Panel 6
Dale: Well, she's Vulcan.
Andre: Like that's an explanation?

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