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Episode 3: Part 8

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Hey, sorry... this one WAS a day late, as I forgot to post it last night!

09/21/21 03:54 PM
Pyradonis: I like the in-story justification for having a dedicated communications officer. :)
09/20/21 10:24 PM
BrickVoid: Waiting for comics to be published is like listening to a political speech. I keep falling asleep dreaming of anything but the political speech. :D

Panel 1
Lieutenant Bridget Janson: I believe that is a reference to Article 14, Section 31 of the Starfleet Charter.
    It allows for the bending of laws and regulations in times of extraordinary threat.
    Beyond that, though... a persistent rumor abounds in the fleet that Section 31 is an actual organization within Starfleet.
    Operating with its own commanders and resources, and not reporting to the Admiralty or the government.
Doctor T'Zel: As I said... I can neither confirm nor deny certain information pertaining to my current assignment.

Panel 2:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: I'm not sure I like this much.
Lt. Commander Natashia Starrat: If I may, sir... I am not familiar with this Section 31.
    However, if their veiew is that the Federation is severely lacking in defensive capability, then I would note that you formed this division for a similar purpose.
Commander Dale Zurkett: And I know Hank Reynolds, Commodore. He's a good man.
    He'll get that Slow Dimension disabled, I'm sure of it.

Panel 3:
Lieutenant Zack Del Rio: We're kind of slow even without that thing right now, though, aren't we?
Andre Peters: That's putting it mildly.
    At best speed, we're three weeks from Wogglenather. And a month from the nearest Starbase.
Ensign Hylia: I can send out a general distress signal. There may be some friendlies nearby that can lend a hand.

Panel 4:
Dale: But if the Tajarans pick it up, they may come running back to finish us off.
Hylia: I scanned them during the fight. They're using outdated systems. With a variable scrambler on our end, the Tajarans will only pick up static.
Jeff: You can do that?
Hylia: This is why every ship needs a dedicated comms officer!

Panel 5:
Jeff: All right, good. But we should send a team to Wogglenather.
    We can delay the invasion while you all repair the ship.
Dale: Are you talking about yourself, sir? Shouldn't the Commodore stay with his ship?

Panel 6:
Jeff: Both us should go, really. We have personal contacts on the planet!
Dale: That's... true, actually.
T'Zel: I would volunteer as well.

Panel 7:
Jeff: Good. Put together a team. We're going back to Wogglenather!

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