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Episode 3: Part 9

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Dale is referring to the Treaty of Algeron.

10/04/21 02:50 AM
Swiftbow: Little delay, it will be up late Monday.
09/28/21 02:39 AM
Swiftbow: I don't recall ever saying that she's half Vulcan? T'Zel is all Vulcan.
09/27/21 12:53 PM
BrickVoid: I think she should come clean. She's half Vulcan, she is allowing her illogical human side of her genetic makeup to cloud her Vulcan logic and may possibly err in judgement if not corrected soon. :D Vulcan logic has always been a thing, if she realizes this she may yet save Wogglenather from a worse fate.

Panel 1
Doctor T'Zel: Commander... Dale... A moment?

Panel 2:
T'Zel: I am truly sorry I cannot be more forthcoming.
Commander Dale Zurkett: I think I can put two and two together.
    You stole a cloaking device, didn't you? To get around the no-cloaking development treaty we signed with the Romulans.

Panel 3:
T'Zel: ...
Dale: I know that look. I'm right, aren't I?
Dale: C'mon. Don't treat me like one of those stuffed shirt diplomats. I don't agree with that treaty, either.
    If you haven't noticed, we're not standard Starfleet ourselves.

Panel 4:
T'Zel: I did notice. It did not feel an appropriate time to inquire.
Dale: Fair enough.
T'Zel: I would... like to hear about what you've been doing.
Dale: Up to a month ago, it was probably a lot more boring than what you've been up to.
    But we could get lunch before the mission?

Panel 5:
T'Zel: I... can't. I need to check on my patients.

Panel 6:
T'Zel: But I do want to help however I can. The Wogglenathers were my friends as well.
Dale; I just hope you didn't hand their biggest enemy a brand new weapon.

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