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Episode 3: Part 12

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Gah, I need to set a reminder to myself to update on Sunday.

10/25/21 02:41 AM
Swiftbow: Little delay again! Will be up late Monday. :)
10/19/21 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: My point being, is there's plenty of background characters we know little or nothing about, if you're looking for ideas to expand the comic with, perhaps you would consider extra mini episodes, sort of, which develop background characters so we can get to know them better. :D
10/19/21 12:28 PM
BrickVoid: *head, forgot to include that word
10/19/21 12:28 PM
BrickVoid: That minifigure with the Zeb Orrelios - part ID: 17535pb01 on BrickLink - has been around since episode 15, and the one word he's spoken so far has been "Aye" and hasn't even been credited with a name or rank yet! :D He looks like an interesting character, hopefully, there's enough spare time for the authors to give characters like him some character development in the comic. :D

Panel 1
Yeoman Bridget Janson: All right, sir... I've loaded the mission reports and all database entries on Wogglenather and Tajara into my tricorder.
    I'll study as much as I can on the way.
    I'm mortally terrified of violating a cultural taboo while we're there. Do you have any tips?
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Well, Bridget... do we have any good bones on board?
Bridget: Sir?

Panel 2:
Bridget (aside): You mean... like from an animal?
Jeff (aside): Yeah, or a rawhide hoof isn't bad....
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Dang... how come we don't get the awesome space marine armor?
    It even has a jetpack!

Panel 3:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Have you worn one of those things, Zack? They weigh a hundred pounds. You don't have the build for it. Or the training.
Zack: Maybe so, but I can shoot better than those guys, I bet.
Dale: Uh huh.
Zack: At least you got the Mark V phasers replaced.
Dale: I can't believe Starfleet ever made those things standard issue. No sights and no trigger guard? They're a hazard!
Zack: Yeah, well, they gotta be better than that relic you have on your belt.
    Hey T'Zel... have you seen Dale's sidearm?

Panel 4:
Doctor T'Zel: Yes, Dale-- Commander. I see you're still using that type 2 Mark I phaser you had on Wogglenather.
Dale: Hey, they knew how to make 'em in the 23rd century.
Zack: I've heard R&D was working on some new ballistic small arms. But the project was cancelled?
T'Zel: Not entirely... we had some on the Shadowburn.
Zack: Nice... Maybe I'll get a chance to shoot one!

Panel 5:
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Commodore.... your shuttle is ready for launch.
    I must admit... I'm a little nervous to have sole command.
    It will be my first time.
Jeff: Nonsense, Natashia! You'll do great.
Dale: You handled yourself wwell int he fight, Commander. We have faith in you.
Jeff: We'll bill you for any dents.
Natashia: You will? Oh. That was a joke.

Panel 7:
Natashia: Thank you, sirs. And Godspeed!
Jeff: Indeed! We'll see you at Wogglenather.

Panel 7:
Natashia: They're headed into great peril, Hylia. We can't let them down!
Ensign Hylia: No ma'am.
Zack (aside): Hey... how come only you get the super cool black away uniform?
Jeff (aside): Because I'm the Commodore!

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