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Episode 3: Part 13

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Given the brown and green walls we've already seen in the Tajaran ship, I hope you all can now get the impression that it is just kind of... oozy... all over.

10/27/21 05:43 PM
Swiftbow: Star Trek canonically uses subspace for comms, yes. The signal the Shadowburn sent out was distorted and delayed because of the Slow Dimension, which also warps subspace.
10/27/21 10:58 AM
BrickVoid: *novel, not comic I meant.
10/27/21 10:56 AM
BrickVoid: A lot of science fiction authors, like E. E. 'Doc' Smith - one of the most remembered cience-fiction authors i personally recall, remembered by me mainly I mean, to be specific, used a plot device he called "subspace" in order to make transmissions from ships that were extremely distant travel distances a lot faster than light could. He'd also used orders of emissions of rays in another comic to show that there were so-called orders of ray transmissions that operated much faer than light. Fascinating stuff, anyway, I hope you enjoy doing some research on the subject, there were a lot of sci-fi authors out there, plenty of plot devices to move communications along at whatever speed the plot demanded! :D
10/27/21 10:50 AM
BrickVoid: They can also quite clearly talk to extremely distant solar systems like Wogglenather, quickly enough to get messages across in relatively short timespans, so they would definitely have FTL communictions of some description.
10/27/21 10:48 AM
BrickVoid: Yes, that signal. Just because a signal is not understood does not necessarily mean it would not be detected. Maybe they thought it was a nearby planet causing an anomaly or an old satellite, I mean in terms of this ship that's approaching. They might also have had some indication of Colonel Reynold's ship having come into the sector, nobody has yet stated how long subspace or "faster than light" communiction works in this comic, although it is apparently faster than light because otherwise it would take forever for any distress signal to get noticed at all.
10/27/21 12:07 AM
Swiftbow: Do you mean the signal they sent in part 33? That signal is the entire reason the Intrepid came at all.
10/26/21 11:10 AM
BrickVoid: Gah stuffed enter button finger.
10/26/21 11:10 AM
BrickVoid: Distress signal?
10/26/21 11:10 AM
BrickVoid: I wonder if they received Colonel Reynold'

Panel 1
No dialog.

Panel 2:
Helmsman Talia: The Commodore's shuttle has gone to warp, ma'am.
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Good. Maintain current position and continue monitoring for friendly signals.
Ensign Hylia: Receiving one from the shuttle, Commander.

Panel 3:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Just checking, Intrepid. Hylia, have you picked up any communication from Colonel Reynolds?
Hylia (comms): Negative, sir. Either he hasn't received our hails, or is unable to reply.

Panel 4:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Tajaran bastards!
Major Taylor: We have to go now, sir! Ulbek found something!
Hank: Dammit...
    Right. Go go!

Panel 5:
Hylia: Perhaps his team is just otherwise occupied?

Panel 7:
Hank: Did they see us duck in here?
Taylor: I don't think so, sir!
Hank: All right, Mr. Ulbek, get this door closed!
Major Ulbek: Working on it, sir!

Panel 7:
Hank: Ulbek, where the hell are we?
Ulbek: I believe these are crew quarters, sir.
Ezzok: But the floor is... mud?? Eeurgh.
Ulbek: Indeed. Tajarans prefer to sleep in mud.
    Also, said mud should help to mask us from internal sensors.
Hank: Good. We can hole up here for now.
    See if you and Taylor can access their computers. Maybe get a schematic of this place.
Ulbek: Yessir.

Panel 8:
Science Officer Burns: Commander, long range sensors are picking up another ship.
Natashia: Designation?
Burns: Unsure at this distance. However... it appears to be changing course.
    They may have detected us or received our distress beacon
    Estimated arrival time is four hours.
Natashia: Right... let's see if we can get weapons and shields working before they get here.
    Just in case.

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