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Episode 1: Part 7

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I believe BrickVoid raised the same point as Hank ;)

Comments from the tagboard:
03/30/20 12:56 PM
BrickVoid: i wonder if he'd believe his own people right now? I suspect not! :D

Panel 1:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Anyway... Admiral Bokchow.
   I think you mean: surrender OR be destroyed.
Admiral Bokchow: I know what I said!
   The doom of all Earthlings is nigh at hand!

Panel 2:
Commander Ezzok: That's rude. Half the people on this bridge aren't Earthlings.
   And the Captain and I have the sharpest teeth!
Captain Korzon: Indeed.
Hank: My Gorn friends make excellent points.
   Do yo really want to bring the Federation AND the Gorn Hegemony down your people, Admiral?

Panel 3:
Bokchow: All you disgusting vertebrates, mammals, giant lizards, etcetera, shall also be destroyed.

Panel 4:
Ezzok: Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.
Ulbek: Colonel, we should consider: Their fleet is traveling at sublight.
   At relativistic speeds, they may have launched DURING the way.
   10 years in real time... perhaps only a month from their perspective.
Hank: Right.
   Admiral, you may not be aware of this, but our governments signed an armistice.
   The war ended years ago. Stand down your fleet.

Panel 5:
Bokchow: A clever ruse you Earthlings have fallen for! Tajara recognizes no armistice! Your ships shall only serve to strengthen our armada.

Panel 6:
Bokchow: Blah blah blah doom blah blah blah death blah blah blah--
Hank: Okay... I can see where this is going.
   Yuna, kill the audio.
   Let it be logged that we did TRY to talk first.
Lieutenant Sanders: Yessir?
Hank: Target primary phaser array on their lead vessel.
Sanders: Locked.

Panel 7:
Korzon: Grzonder, Captain Korzon here. Target disruptors on the Tajaran vessels.
Hank: Fire.

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