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Episode 3: Part 14

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Happy Birthday to Dad, our long-suffering Editor ;-)

11/08/21 02:14 AM
Swiftbow: Is that your comic, Oldarmourer? I read several strips and enjoyed it! And yes on the Prime Directive's applicability here. But interestingly, canonically, the Ferengi didn't develop warp drive. They bought the tech from another species. There's probably a PD loophole for that, though!
11/07/21 03:23 PM
Oldarmourer: At least with Ferengi, they don't have to worry about the Prime Directive ;)
11/01/21 12:54 PM
BrickVoid: The one thing i remember about Ferengi is their desire for Latinum. This should be interesting, not sure if starships carry it as a matter of course.
11/01/21 12:51 PM
BrickVoid: The Ferengi would probably offer them a deal on their damaged starship if they figured they had a way to fairly trade for it! They're more than likely to offer some fair trade for goods they want. What will they think of the damage to the ship, though? They might want information pertaining to that, because no Ferengi would want to get involved in combat if they could avoid it!
11/01/21 05:29 AM
Pyradonis: Oh, I'm excited to find out how the Ferengi look in your comic!

Panel 1
Ensign Hylia: I've got signal confirmation on that ship.
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: Friendly?
Hylia: That's hard to say.
    It's a Ferengi merchant marine vessel.

Panel 2:
Science Officer Burns: The Ferengi? They aren't authorized to trade in this sector!
Tactical Officer Vern: Yeah... and didn't a Ferengi ship attack the Enterprise last year?
Helmsman Talia: Federation policy is to treat Ferengi vessels as hostile until otherwise ascertained.
Natashia: All valid concerns.
    However... the Ferengi are primarily opportunistic.
    They are unlikely to be antagnonistic if we offer them fair trade.

Panel 3:
Natashia: Hylia, extend them greetings and tell them we have goods for trade.
Hylia: Sent.
    And I'm receiving a message, audio only.
    Their captain, a DaiMon Boson, requesting permission to beam over and discuss terms.
Natashia: Very well. Inform him that I will meet him in the transporter room.

Panel 4:
No dialog.

Panel 5:
Security Chief Korb: I don't like this, ma'am.
    Lowering our shields for transport in this situation is reckless.
Natashia: Your concern is duly noted, Sergeant.
    However, I believe even a damaged Intrepid is more than a match for a cargo ship.
    Mr. Peters?
Andre Peters: Oh yeah, it definitely is. Our phasers alone--
Natashia: Mr. Peters... Energize?
Andre: ... Right.

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