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Episode 3: Part 15

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So, Boson's name, besides an alternate spelling being the title of a naval ship's quartermaster, is also kind of an incredibly geeky joke. I'm hoping someone will get it.

11/14/21 11:31 AM
BrickVoid: @Oldarmourer If you know which episode or episodes Swiftbow is referring to, would you please post the link to them? I don't recall if we saw all of the DS9 episodes here in Australia but we saw most of them.
11/14/21 09:25 AM
Oldarmourer: And (limitations of the artistic media of choice aside)that Ferengi has pretty small lobes, they should be able to out-deal him ;)
11/14/21 09:24 AM
Oldarmourer: As for the Boson joke, I had several reactions hit me at once but I'm going to wait and see which one, if any, was close.
11/14/21 09:23 AM
Oldarmourer: Sorry for the slow response but no, that's not my comic, the only artistic talent I have is drawing a pension and that's not as good as I'd like ;) It just appeared in my web travels and sort of fit the subject at hand so I shared it :)
11/13/21 11:50 AM
BrickVoid: Swiftbow, I'll do this: IF yoyou publish the origin with the next episode, I'll not complain further. However, you full well know what I am capable of. Don't paint yourself into a corner.
11/13/21 03:21 AM
Swiftbow: Yeah, like Nunya buzz said, settle down, man. I want to give everyone a chance. If you saw a season of DS9, then you have more than enough information. It doesn't matter which season. Hell, even a couple random episodes would be enough.
11/12/21 02:37 PM
BrickVoid: I believe you should explain it sooner rather than later. In Australia, I believe we only got one series of Deep Space 9, then the station blew up again. If there were subsequent series that explain this episode that never aired in Australia, that leaves me no explanation for the joke. Nowadays if I had to go look up series repeats, I'd have to have a netflix or other pay-to-view service so I could watch it on there. I really am not a fan of obscure jokes that get buried behind paywalls or other obscuring means, whatever they are.
11/12/21 02:19 PM
Nunya buzz: @brickvoid you need to chill! Are you sure you're in your 50s because you sound like a spoiled teenager! Just be patient maybe another person knows, you're not the only reader on here for gods sake, also obscure jokes are fun!
11/12/21 01:01 PM
Swiftbow: It's not a joke you can look up, BrickVoid! But like I said, it relates to the Higgs Boson and Star Trek lore. I'll give it a bit longer before I explain it. But here's a hint... look at Deep Space 9.
11/12/21 11:56 AM
BrickVoid: I keep refining Google search results and the only thing I'm sure of is that Google has not a clue what I want to have it bring up. I'm pretty sure it's not a meme image related to "an engineer's work is never done" meme, at any rate. Frustrating when someone uses an obscure meme and doesn;t just link it so other people can at least undersand the joke.
11/12/21 11:47 AM
BrickVoid: Well out with it, then! I haven't got all day to Google things that the damn search site doesn't want to give me. If it's so obscure even Google doesn't give me the joke, it's pretty hard to find!
11/11/21 04:38 PM
Swiftbow: You're close in that it relates to the Higgs Boson, but it's also a Star Trek lore joke and it's not a joke somebody else told.
11/11/21 12:28 PM
BrickVoid: It is likely this joke, since it is religious in origin.
11/11/21 12:24 PM
BrickVoid: Higg's Boson is the only joke that Google returns. It's more of a science joke than anything. One might have to be familiar with obscure scientific fields to get the joke. I'd prefer you explain it or at least link to it.
11/08/21 12:03 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder how much outrage he'll manage when he hears that the Tajarans did all that damage! :D He'd probably know a few choice Ferengi swear words, that's for sure! :D
11/08/21 05:14 AM
Pyradonis: I like Boson's grin. :D

Panel 1

Panel 2:
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: DaiMon Boson... welcome to the Intrepid.
DaiMon Boson: Now now, the DaiMon rank is just a formality.
    And yes, indeed... a fine looking ship!
    Or I'm sure it is when it's not smoking from multiple impact points!

Panel 3:
Natashia: Yes, we're hoping you can help with that.
Boson: Indeed! Lost your warp core, was it?
    An expensive part!
    And not a dime a dozen, as the hoomans would say.
    If they still used currency, anyway.
    Speaking of... I do presume you have something valuable to exchange?
    Gold pressed latinum, I imagine?

Panel 4:
Natashia: I think we have enough to pay your way.
Andre Peters: Wait, we do?
Natashia: *Ahem* Andre...
Boson: Ah, fresh out? Don't worry... We're used to dealing with you Federation types.
    Barter is always an option!
    For example, how attached are you to this ship in particular?

Panel 5:
Andre: Quite attached, actually.
    I built it myself!
Boson: Shouldn't blurt out those details! You lose your trading leverage.
    That's one of the key Rules of Acquisition.
Natashia: I'm sure it is. But this way to our conference room.
Boson: Ah, but no trade should be conducted in a meeting room!
    I see your food replicators are still working!
    Let's see if they can handle Ferengi cuisine, hm?

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