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Episode 3: Part 18

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Don't search the wikis for warp "skip" drive, as it's not on there. Andre will explain as we go along!

12/04/21 07:34 PM
Oldarmourer: The only thing worse than entering into an unwritten agreement with a ferengi is entering into a written have deniability with the unwritten and the terms can be 'altered' more easily
12/02/21 08:17 AM
Freezer: When said opinion seems to be "Better to act like a pirate than a Ferengi", I'd be brushing that off too.
11/29/21 12:02 PM
BrickVoid: *Burns, sill spelling errors.
11/29/21 12:00 PM
BrickVoid: I feel as though Natashia is brushing Bruns off like dust on her shoulder. It's as if his opinions, whilst validated and accepted by her, don't actually seem to matter to her. I wonder if there's more going on that Burns has no knowledge of?
11/29/21 06:52 AM
Pyradonis: *bending, not vending
11/29/21 06:52 AM
Pyradonis: Wow, Burns seriously thinks instead of vending the rules for trading it would be more in line with Federation values to take that they need by force, like common pirates? Ouch. Dude's got some twisted ethics.

Panel 1
DaiMon Boson: I am still not seeing a profit in this endeavor for myself.
Lieutenant Commander Staratt: Then let me... what's the saying? Sweeten the pot?
Boson: I'm listening.

Panel 2:
Natashia: Very soon, we expect to be fighting enemy ships, some of them pirate vessels.
    We expect to win those fights. We will claim any cargo.
    Much of it can be returned to the rightful owners. But often, that's not possible.
    Valuable goods have been known to sit in Federation warehouses for years.
    As an alternative... you, as our preferred trading partner, could instead... reintegrate those goods into the galactic economy.
Boson: You can do this? Formally?
Natashia: Yes. But perhaps informally would be best.

Panel 3:
Boson: You have a deal!
Natashia: Excellent. Andre... please assist the DaiMon in transferring the fighters to our shuttle bay.
Andre Peters: Yes, Ma'am!
Natashia: Mr. Boson... how soon can we expect our warp core?
Boson: I have one on hand, actually... it may require some minor modifications from your engineer.
Natashia: Good. See to it.

Panel 4:
Andre (aside): One question... where DID you get those fighters?
Boson (aside): Ah, well, that involves some time I spent on Terok Nor! It is a grand tale...
Science Officer Burns: Commander... may I speak freely?
Natashia: You may.
Burns: Are you aware how many Starfleet regulations and Federation laws you just violated?
Natashia: Seven. All of which I would break again.
    Our command staff are in harm's way.
    An innocent world is at stake.
    And we're stranded in deep space.
Burns: This goes beyond that, Commander!
    The Federation has strived for hundreds of years to build an inclusive, equitable utopia!
    But the Ferengi... they're not like us.
    To operate on their level... selfish, profit-driven...
    I can't condone it!

Panel 5:
Natashia: And what would you have me do?
Burns: I...
    Well... we have the firepower.
    We could TAKE the core.
Natashia: Mr. Burns... I will not risk further damage to this ship when a peaceful accord has already been reached.
    As for your concerns, consider them noted and logged.

Panel 6:
Natashia: Now, I believe you have a duty station to attend to. Dismissed.

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