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Episode 3: Part 19

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The Wogglenathers were previously seen in Part 16.

12/12/21 11:35 AM
Oldarmourer: I see sublight and other signalling systems to be pretty much the same as the early 'wireless' around the turn of the century, dedicated spark chasers huddled in their tiny cabins struggling to get a signal through the atmospheric interference with just as good a chance of getting a signal from New South Wales as Newfoundland
12/12/21 11:33 AM
Oldarmourer: If the comm system worked even adequately, there'd be no need for communications officers and their union would raise hell ;)
12/07/21 09:46 PM
Freezer: Well, that's at least a seven on the "Whomp Whooomp" scale.
12/06/21 12:18 PM
BrickVoid: *retrying, fat finger got in the way.
12/06/21 12:17 PM
BrickVoid: I'm pretty sure every Star Trek episode ever always had the comms officer retruing failed communications! I would expect no less of this series! :D

Panel 1
Location Text: Wogglenather
    Far edge of the Scoggo Sector

Panel 2:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Wogglenather, this the Federation shuttle Earendil, on final approach. Requesting clearance.
Radio: *kssh*
Dale: ... Wogglenather, please respond.

Panel 3:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: We've been trying for five minutes. Why aren't they answering? Have they already been attacked?
Dale: I'm not detecting any Tajaran ships.
    Though, we're lucky we beat them here. They had a head start.
Yeoman Bridget Janson: Small blessing. Maybe they're having problems balancing the nacelles with their systems?
President Barkface: *kssh* This -- Wogglenather. *kssh* C--me inEarendil.

Panel 4:
Barkface: ----blems with our comms. You ---- cleared for *kssh*
    *GASP* --- Great Jeffrey?!
Dale: Um, yes. Barkface, is that you?
    We have bad news. The Tajarans are on their way!
    Damn, I'm losing the signal.

Panel 5:
Dale: I don't know what got through. But they sent landing coordinates.
Jeff: It's okay. It's President Barkface! I'm sure he got the message.
    They'll prepare their people in time.

Panel 6:
Barkface: Vice President Sniffer, tell the people! The Great Jeffrey has returned!
    Declare a national holiday! Feasts and frolicking for all!
Vice President Sniffer: So it shall be, Mr. President!

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