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Episode 3: Part 20

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In our original, 1993, no-budget, kid actors, Tajaran Attack movie (you can find it at the end of the Archives (I called it the "Unaired Pilot"), the Wogglenathers were played by my dog, Dingo (Vice President Sniffer), and my friends' Alek (Jeffrey Bannister) and Natasha's (Natashia Staratt) dog, Morgy (President Barkface). Morgy gave a rather sterling performance, with amazing comedic timing. She even closed her mouth when her lines were finished. Dingo, on the other hand, kept looking away from the camera and trying to take off his "alien visor." Ah well... he was a great dog, even if he wasn't a great actor.
    Also, I can't remember if this was on purpose, but Morgy (a girl dog) was voiced by my Dad (Kenyon), whereas Dingo (a boy) was voiced by my Mom (Therese). Except for one shot that I just now noticed, where Vice President Sniffer suddenly has Barkface's voice. Oops. Well, we DID say they were telepaths, so we wouldn't have to explain why their mouths didn't match the dialog.

Anyway, when we elected to rewrite our old scripts into a (mostly) more serious comic series, we had to decide what the Wogglenathers would look like. It didn't take long to decide that they had to still be dogs. I mean really... is it any sillier than all the near humans Star Trek crews are always running into? I don't think so. If anything, it changes things up!

12/19/21 10:29 AM
BrickVoid: @Oldarmourer I reckon the Wogglenathers are going to make fishcakes out of those Tajarans! :D
12/19/21 09:46 AM
Oldarmourer: Without prepared defences things might get pretty ruff...
12/13/21 12:25 PM
BrickVoid: Well the Wogglenathers are in for a huge shock! Very little of the comms message got through! Once they inform them of what is about to happen, it's all going to the dogs! :D
12/13/21 06:05 AM
Pyradonis: Well, I wasn't aware how many different LEGO dogs exist!

Panel 1

Panel 2:
Yeoman Bridget Janson: Greetings, Wogglenathers! We offer a bone of friendship. Indeed, we--
General Wags: Hail, Great Jeffrey! I am head of the Woggle Guard, General Wags.
    I greet you in President Barkface's name! He sent me in his stead so he could make preparations.
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Good, then you DID receive our message!
Wags: Indeed. Follow me! I shall take you to the President.

Panel 3:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Right, stay with the ship. Ready the heavy gear.
Marines: Yessir!

Panel 4:
Random Wogglenathers (aside): Cheer for the Great Jeffrey! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Bridget (aside): Hmph. Guess I didn't need to spend two hours on that greeting speech.
Jeff: What kind of preparations have you made?
Wags: We have had little time. But Wogglenathers have arrived from many nearby settlements!
And Many volunteers from the capitol have come to aid.

Panel 5:
Wags: You shall be astounded at our new advancements since you saved our world!
    Where once we all walked and ran, now we have personal conveyance vehicles!
Jeff: Yes, impressive indeed!
    But what about weapons?
Wags: All in good time, Great Jeffrey!

Panel 6:
Wags: Come! We are nearly there. Our President awaits!
Jeff: Yes, but we thought we were headed for a bunker? Or the baracks?

Panel 7:
Wags: What sort of place would that be for your speech?
Jeff: Speech?
Wags: For Great Jeffrey Day!
Jeff: Uh... what?
President Barkface (aside): And now, my people... howl for your hero! The Great Jeffrey!!!
Crowd (aside): AWOOOOO!!!!!

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