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Episode 3: Part 21

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I think this will be the last installment for the year! Going to be a busy upcoming couple of weekends. But we will be back on the 10th, I think. If anything changes, I will post in the tagboard!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

12/25/21 02:28 AM
Swiftbow: We actually had scripts written for 4 more episodes, but never managed to get everything together to actually film another one.
12/25/21 02:23 AM
Swiftbow: Alek and Natasha are aware of the comic. I'm not sure if they read it regularly... but if so, maybe they'll post :)
12/25/21 02:22 AM
Swiftbow: Natasha (Natashia... really struggled for that name, lol), I believe, is in a band. Alek (Jeffrey) has had a few jobs. I'm not entirely certain what he's doing right now. Sam (Zack) I have not talked to in years, but I think he makes indie movies. His brother, Peter (Andre) I am unsure of.
12/25/21 02:19 AM
Swiftbow: Well, I was Dale Zurkett. (My brother is part of the "two-headed Tajaran." That is, he was being carried in a kid backpack by my Mom because he was a year old. My Dad does several of the voices and filmed everything. I mostly fell out of touch with everybody else until we started this comic, and we reconnected a little on Facebook.
12/25/21 12:01 AM
BrickVoid: I finally got around to watching the Tajaran Attack pilot. That's a really well done video for the special effects and acting they put into it! Where are the actors now? :D
12/24/21 10:53 AM
BrickVoid: I wish Santa had brought you a Credits section with all that information in it, I'd never have guessed! :D
12/23/21 01:07 PM
Swiftbow: Travers and Swiftbow are the same person, but thank you :) (Rioux/Brogen is my brother and co-creator, and my dad, Kenyon, is co-writer/editor) Merry Christmas!
12/20/21 07:50 PM
BrickVoid: Mrry Christmas and Happy New Year to Travis and Swiftbow! May Santa bring you new LEGO minifigures you can use in current and future comics! :D
12/20/21 07:49 PM
BrickVoid: Still, they have a couple of hours together again. I would recommend they use the time to get everyone prepared for the inevitable Tajaran attack.
12/20/21 07:47 PM
BrickVoid: He's polished them enough, just not in the way the Wogglenaters had hoped he'd polish them! :D
12/20/21 02:32 PM
Pyradonis: I think he needs to polish his skills when it comes to holding motivational speeches.

Panel 1
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Um... maybe I could tell you my news first, and then we can do this speech thing?
President Barkface: Nonsense! We keep no secrets from our people! Tell them, oh Great Jeffrey!
Jeff: Right, okay...

Panel 2:
Jeff: Hi everybody... it sure is great to be back! What a welcome!
    Was a nice ride in, too. Nice car. Nice driver.
    That statue was something else, too. What a great likeness!
Crowd: Hooray!!
    Arf! Arf!
    The Great Jeffrey likes my statue!

Panel 3:
Plaque Insignia: The Great Jeffrey
    Savior of Wogglenather

Panel 4:
Jeff: But anyway... about those Tajarans we saved you from.
    Turns out they sent another fleet that we didn't know about.
    They have a new weapon we can't stop and they're coming to enslave you and steal your resources.
    So... you probably should flee for the hills.
    That won't stop the orbital bombardment, of course. But you might live a little longer while they're busy destroying your cities.
Crowd: Wait... what did he say?

Panel 5:
Barkface: You're not serious?!
Jeff: Oh... I should mention we probably only have a few hours, right?
Barkface: Gah hah!
Crowd: Ye gods and little fishes!
    Was he joking?!
    Run! Run for your lives!
    Help! Danger! Tajaran attack!

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