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Episode 3: Part 22

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We're back! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dale's tendency to get a little... worked up... hasn't been seen too much in comic yet, but I've been waiting to get in this particular part from our original scripts. (Dale's dialog credit to our dad/editor, Kenyon.) At least with this particular take, Dale doesn't turn his back to the camera for half the lines, lol. (If you don't get that reference, it has to do with my acting in the Tajaran Attack movie we made forever ago that I linked recently and is in the archives under "extras."

Also... if anyone follows my other (long) in-progress comic, Planescape Survival Guide, I am getting close to finally having an update again. (The last year has made me slower than ever in drawing speed.) I'll probably post here as well when it finally does go live. (I may do two updates in close proximity if it gets overly long.)

01/17/22 01:35 AM
BrickVoid: @Swiftbow: I can sympathize with your stomach bug. I contracted some strain of coronavirus and have been mostly cooped up in self isolation for most of it since Sunday before last. Don't worry about us, take all the time you require to get well, the comic can wait, Rest up, visit the doctor, get it sorted out, you'll definitely feel better sooner! I'm improving slowly but this coronavirus strain is an odd one. I am double vaccinated and still I somehow got infected, no idea which strain yet. I wish you will get well soon!
01/16/22 11:00 PM
Swiftbow: Next one is done, but I got sick today. Some kind of horrible stomach bug. I will post as soon as I feel up to sitting at the computer.
01/16/22 01:18 PM
Swiftbow: Shields have an oscillation pattern that allows their own weapons to pass through. (Much like how the machine gun in fighter planes was timed to fire around the propellor blades, instead of through them.) In normal time, it's an impossible weakness to exploit. But with time slowed, it's like a giant window of opportunity.
01/16/22 05:09 AM
Oldarmourer: after all, time is just G-d's way of keeping everything from happening at once ;)
01/16/22 05:07 AM
Oldarmourer: I'd think shields might be even more effective with time slowed, true their frequency change rate might be slower to adapt but the decay rate might be less too and they could stay 'up' longer or at least appear to in 'normal' time
01/11/22 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: I saw it up yesterday sometime. I wonder how effective shield generators are going to be against the time dilation field? It should be interesting to see how this battle plays out.
01/11/22 01:17 AM
Swiftbow: I put it up yesterday! If anyone can't see it, please refresh!
01/09/22 11:20 PM
BrickVoid: I haven't seen any updates on the tagboard yet, so hopefully things are coming along for the first installment of 2022! :D

Panel 1
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Hm... That went over better in my head.
Commander Dale Zurkett: Um, Commodore? Maybe I can reassure them a little bit?
Jeff: Huh? Oh sure. Can't hurt!
President Barkface: Yes! The Mighty Zurkett!
Crowd: Shall we flee?
    What of the puppies!?

Panel 2:
Dale: People of Wogglenather! Do not be over afraid.
    The enemy did destroy two ships and damage ours.
    But after our mighty counterattack, pieces of Tajaran anatomy are floating all overing deep space.

Panel 3:
Dale: Their putrescent antennae... BROKEN into a zillion pieces!

Panel 4:
Dale: And their worm-colored blood... FROZEN like the heartless monsters that they are!!!
Jeff: Easy, Dale!
Barkface: Yes, my people! As you can see, there is always a bright side.
    Now do not panic! We shall provide further instructions.

Panel 5:
Barkface: Right... Vice President Sniffer. See to our troops! Retool our spears!
    We prepare for battle.
Vice President Sniffer: It shall be done!
Barkface: Furlina... see to the civilians and get them to the caes. I will see you there when this is over.
Furlina: Be careful, my love!
Barkface: My human friends... we hope you bring us aid and not just this warning?
Dale: We have weapons and shield generators. We can hold out. Hopefully long enough.
    With any luck... our backup is on the way.

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